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My most hated phrase..

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://list.wrha.mb.ca/02/may21/

is now 'I may as well, since I'm here...' shit. see link. I've been waaay too busy lately, barely been on the board. I sectioned out a portion of my rear inner sill, replaced a chunk of my inner wheel well, and some other things. My oem rocker is prepped, trim holes filled up (with mig, flush, no putty)..and once this front section is done, the rocker goes back on, maybe I can drive the damn thing. I have already fabbed up a flat piece of 16ga for the inner sill...tonite I make 2 pieces to replace the floor pan sections. Wish me luck.

I'm not sure if I am going to replace the floorpan in 2 sections as it originally was (ie, the bottom flat part, and another upper part where your left foot would be) or just to bang out a 'corner' out of sheetmetal and lap weld (flanged) it in.

more pics to come tonite or tommorow.



'72 02/m20. rust issues.

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Guest Anonymous

have kept the good parts and thrown the chassis

over a cliff to decompose in peace.

Phrase: "If at first you don't succeed, try and try

again". That's bull! It should read "If at first you don't

succeed, use a bigger hammer!"


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Guest Anonymous

Now I understand what you mean by multiple pieces.

I don't think it matters, one piece or two but I would give you this bit of advice which could apply to matters way beyond welding, and cars, but very applicable to here ;)

Concentrate on the joints. The seams in this case. Figure out how you will join the pieces, and the rest can fall in place around it. The areas where 3 pieces are coming together are the most important/complicated, IMO, and should be contemplated first ;)


David - who is feeling really DEEEEEEP today ;)

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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.2002tii-restoration.com

column supports (lower a-pillars)? Mine have similar problems. I have three options

1. Repair by fabing up several patchs. Cheap but ugly. Area gets cover up by the fender anyway.

2. Buy a pattern repair panel from Walloth & Nesch or Jaymic. 75 euros, but then there's the shipping.

3. Buy the genuine bmw piece for $287 a side - aye carumba!

Just wonderin' what you're gonna do?



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