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2002ti wannabe project begins

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Disassembled the old pedal box and the booster bracket in the cold garage.

All parts of the pedal box are worn out and some broken.


Underside has the remains of the speedometer retainer clip, but does not have the rectangular opening like I have seen in later cars.


Accelerator pedal shaft wear


Brake pedal vertical linkage piece. Mine measures 15.5" (roughly 394 mm)


Clutch master cylinder was replaced not too long ago


Mounting flange to center of eyelet is roughly 4"


Top of pedal box has a small hole with plug. Anyone know what it is for?



Brake booster bracket pics with brake light switch and wiring clips



Here is the "Z" piece with (2) nylon bushings, metal sleeve and large pivot bolt.


I still cannot identify the correct part number(s) for those bushings from Penske parts website (possibly referred to as "pipes", but that could be the inner sleeves).

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Seeing your booster all apart reminded me of the clip that holds the linkage on. You know which one - the really difficult one to install.

But - remember this post, and use the clip off of an E21

I've used this one on my 2002 for a few years now, and it is awesome.

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The p/n for those bushings in the brake lever in 35211101052. Blunt has them.

Thanks Clay - I'll add them to my growing list. I will now look at the diagram to see exactly which part that corresponds to.


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Not sure why this post didn't "post" before (stupid apostrophe was the culprit).

During a business trip to NC last week, I stopped by Korman's shop and tried to exchange my duplicate rocker shaft for the other one and pick up the head gasket set missing from the shipment. The day before, Korman shipped the correct parts to my house and were delivered that day.

Here were some of the cars in their lot.









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The black '02 looks like the lux that was on EBay and then offered by a collector car broker.

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I received an e-mail from Turner earlier this week that the Schrick 292 cam and valve springs did arrive at Turner - but there may be some manufacturing (or machining) issues with the latest batch of cams. No idea when I'll receive my parts from them.

On a more positive note, I received a well-packaged box last week from Rob Torres @ 2002 Haus containing a newer (used) shift lever and these new 90mm Mahle pistons (for use with 121 cylinder head).





Many thanks to Rob for offering me these for my ti project. Not sure exactly where he found them, but I am grateful that I have a set.

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Took the old (junk) CV joints off the axles removed from the '69. Had to bring them over to MLytle's shop for use with different tools since my circlip pliers and puller weren't up to the task. Note if you are re-using the CV joints, DO NOT pull them off this way. Remove the boot and support the center while pressing the axle out.



My cheap puller was able to remove (1) joint.


Here at Marshall's using his puller and bearing separator


Also cleaned up and re-installed the rear wheel bearings, spacers and shims in the powder coated tii trailing arms. A wheel bearing tool works nicely for this task.

Thinking ahead, I tried fitting one of my Ronal wheels to Celeste to see the tii caliper clearance.





I still have to get the correct center caps and lug nuts for these wheels.

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Here is the tii booster I have (removed from a '73 donor car). Note the straight vacuum stub.


Picture after removing the protective rubber boot and "filter" ring from the pedal/linkage side.


Removable parts


The booster on the '69 had a swivel fitting.


Here is the booster in my '73tii. Maybe all tii boosters have the straight fitting>>>?


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PM Friday worked on the 69 heater box..the rubber grommets I purchased from Home Depot are too large for the pivots. Will go to Lowe's or another hardware store this week.

Went and checked out vehicles at the local BMW and Fiat dealerships with MLytle while it was windy and snowing. BMW dealer had lots of nice slightly used vehicles in their inventory. A new X5 M out front stickered at $ 105K was really nice!

Dropped off another batch of parts at the power coaters this morning (front subframe, front brake backing plates, rear diff mount, axle shafts, shift tower, upper coil spring mounts, etc). Owner of the powder coating place gave me a business card for a local body shop he recommended. Will check them out later.

Checked out Subaru Foresters at the local dealership, then did some cleaning in the garage, replaced a light fixture above the '69 and removed the slave cylinder and guibo from the tranny pulled from the 69. Those slave cylinders are tough to remove. Still soaking and cleaning lots of small parts.

My wife keeps asking me when will Oscar start to look better?

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Picked up a bunch of stuff from Gary @ Extreme Powder Coating today.

Front subframe



Pedal box


Various brake booster components and steering box drop arm


Rear diff hanger and axles


Upper coil spring mounts and rear tie bars


Water pump pulley,engine mounts, bellhousing cover




69 rear bumper brackets


Shift tower


Just for fun. Thanks to Grice for the (2) tie bar pieces and Zac Cardinal for the rear diff hanger bracket.





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