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"I only buy vehicles with hand-operated pop-up headligh

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... is what I expect to hear, when I finally talk to the guy just down the road from me.

He might have possibly weirder tastes in cars than myself, which is impressive to find in this tiny little Appalachian town of Athens, Ohio.

I first saw a white Opel GT being pulled behind a U-Haul, and into an apartment complex. There it has sat, for many months. I have never seen it move.

Now strangely, an orange Saab Sonnet III is parked next to it. I have not seen it move from its spot in a couple weeks, either.


Saturday I saw someone with long hair working under the dash of the Sonnet, and I wanted to stop and talk, just to figure out what kind of 'special' person would own such beasts, and bring them to Ohio to park them outside an apartment complex.... but alas, the lady riding along in my Datsun was not as interested.

Which small European car with hand-operated headlights will show up next?

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Probably selling period correct drugs from '72...Ask him if he remembers Archibald Cox....or BeeBee Rebozza...maybe CIA attempting a coup in WV....It might not be the lights; it may be a fiberglass jones, since they both are as well...

My best friend in junior high and I used to "borrow" his dad's silver GT...smoke his mom's Kents and drink her red wine....

On a more legal, happier (if my late father reads this...) note, I used to have a '65 and a '67 Saab; the '65 was a "wing-ding", the '67 96 was a V-4 with four on the tree and a Weber...Sad excuse for a transmission or I'd still have it..

Thanks for the memories..

Dave V. in NC

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