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How to id diff before disasembly?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I'm going to the breakeryard to get a propshaft and

diff for my 1973 2002. Mine are worn and I'd like to

refurbish the ones from the yard and then replace.

How do I id what diff is under the car now, and

what diff is under the many donors at the yard? Or

is there an easily identifyable limited slip diff from

another Bimmer I can use, with the same ratio?



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Guest Anonymous


The lasd will have an S painted on a side of it and 2 2 digit numbers stamped. devide one by the other and you will get the ration. If the car is in the air, spin one wheel and see if the other spins in the same direction. if it does, you found an LSD.

steve k.

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Guest Anonymous

if the junk yard has a few 320's you would be able

to test the amount of slip before removing. Just

has someone hold one wheel while you spin the

other side, the more "torque" to brake the slip the

better, you may not even have to rebuild. If you

don't have a second hand, jamm something on

one wheel. Have fun...


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