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WOT: Drove a high-tech car, 1000 mile trip.

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Guest Anonymous

Go ahead, start flaming me. I'm going to mention two dirty words here: Hybrid; Toyota.

I rented a Toyota Prius hybrid gas/electric for a biz trip from No. Cal. to LA. My 2002 is still _way_ in project mode, though I had hoped to have it assembled by now (house projects have interfered). My Volvo needed some basic maintenance that I didn't want to deal with on my one weekend of free time, after a week in Illinois and before a week in LA.

So I thought it was time to try out the transportation technology for the new millenium. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The Prius is faster than my Volvo 240 (OK, stop laughing), had enough room for 5 passengers for around-town stuff, got over 50mpg during traffic, and averaged 45mpg when doing 80mph (with A/C) on the freeway. It's whisper-quiet compared to anything I've ever owned, reasonably comfortable, not overly gadgety, and feels typically Toyota solid. It's dead boring to drive, though.

No, I'll never sell my 2002. But I might pick a hybrid as a company business car one of these days, and then I'd feel zero guilt whatsoever about having a smoggy, inefficient DCOE-equipped monster for fun and excitement.

On another note, I've been getting more interested in Bio-Diesel lately, because a few friends are fixing up old VW diesels and running the French Fry Fuel in them. Nifty idea. Less than $1000 gets you a 50mpg German car that smells like KFC as you motor down the road. Hmmmm...how about a biodiesel-electric hybrid?


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