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Wonderful Show: Thanks very much Bay Area and Friends...

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Wow: what a show! The most impressive turnout of 02s on all variations I have ever seen. I think the Europeans will be envious of all the Turbos/Cabs/Bauers/Tourings/Ms/and Alpinas. Saw some great mechanical/aesthetic work along the lines of 02s. I have GOT to get a digital camera! Best part of the day was meeting the people behind the screenname/car I have become familiar with from the Boards and seeing the 2002 friends I only get to see once or twice a year. Man- we are lucky out here to have such a concentration of great 02s and vendors to keep them alive with bits and pieces. I was able to pick up the diff spacers and long bolts i needed from Nelson, and hell, i could have easily spent a few thousand on the really nice up-grade parts that were around ( if i had been foolish enough to bring that dough to the event). There were nearly 10 cars for sale too. One could have walked to the show and instantly become a 2002 family member with the attendant "anxious moments of ownership" ( see other posts!). In all, my favorite show yet. The A4 ran really well with my Sahara "protecting my 6"( THANKS JAKE!). Dont they say a 2002 runs really well just before.... ///

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