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ok! i finally have my entire engine into just about as many

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

as possible...

now its time to think about rebuilding...

i have some questions about the bottom end:

what does "balancing the bottom end" refer to and can i do it myself or do i have to get a shop to do it?

second, should i do anything to my crank? it looks ok- no obvious scoring or scratching. what is "checking for ovality" in haynes??

third! should i replace all my crank bearings and big end bearings? some of them look like they have rub marks and flat spots on them??

and finally: what about the oil pump? can this be overhauled effectively or should i buy a new one? can i even get a new one??

thanks in advance guys. hope someone out there can give me some answers! planning on starting this rebuild next weekend...


'71 2002 verona, engine spread over large area.

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Guest Anonymous

Balancing the bottom end consists of the following.. matching all the pistons in weight.. then matching all the rods in weight.. you can do that if you have an accurate scale and read up on it.. but please read up on it... don't just start cutting... then a shop with a crank balancer will take your crank and spin it with the combined (rod and piston) weights attached to the journals and make minor drill holes in the counterweigts to the crank for final balancing.. They will also check for crank straightness...

"Checking for ovality" means this.. when you mic the crank.. check a journal up and down and front and back.. get me? like at 90 degree measurements to make sure the journal hasn't worn in an oval.. please use a micrometer and not a set of dial calipers.. they are not accurate enough for crank measurements.

Should you replace your bearings? YES!!! they always should be replaced. If you post pictures of them and how they came out of the motor we can see if you have an align bore problem or if it's just normal wear.

Oil pumps can be bought new. $150 give or take. It's your call on the oil pump... some people reuse them, some people buy new..

Also one thing you didn't address was resizing the rods. If your motor has high milage then the big end of the rod will actually stretch and wear. It is good to get the big end of the rod resized back to spec. Most import machine shops have the mandrel for this.

There's also boring, honeing and surfacing but I figure you've got that covered..

Party on


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