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70 M2 build


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Or a defective one-piece one that does not allow the dash indicator to flash!

Yeah but will they deliver a 2 piece flasher?
I bet Tischer could.


As hard as I tried I couldnt get that EVO block and crank in a flat rate. you should have seen the fedex guy lugging that block up the stairs of the freedom bunker

This is going to be one of those cars that raises the bar. Like a modded Bill Williams car


Stop reading this! Don't you have anything better to do?? :P
Two running things. Two broken things.


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323i CR 5 spd arrived from a seller in NC. It was an ebay find and generally looks to be in really good shape. Some seals need to be replaced and bushings and I will figure out some sort of SSK for it. The 245/10 is quite different from the 245/5, drain plug is right at the back, probably easier to drain than the 245/5 when installed in an 02. Slave looks pretty new too.



Also picked a shorty center console which is in really good shape and probably needs nothing other than the grab bars for the sides


Got an old school 4 gauge dash pod. Need to strip and refinish it. I'm told I need to anodize it black, and it seems to have a rough finish. Looks just like the Gr. 5 pods I've seen on Marckmac's site



I bought this model before I bought the shell and it seems that it will be a good predictor of what this car will look like



My S14 donor is going through teardown this week and the 2.5 build specs are being finalized. More to follow

70 M2 2.5L 

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Rudy - Competition Automotive in Richmond Hill, they built another 2.5 recently and used to build s14 race motors in the day.

Tom-indeed it is an olde school turbo project. The shop I'm working with has everything from an e46 Time Attack car back to the early stuff. Email me about the short block.

70 M2 2.5L 

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Wish I had a more substantial update, but I do have some pretty pictures...

Esty's great work on a square weave oatmeal carpet set



Scheel 200's are back and looking good, cord and vinyl from NML Depot




And carbon and alpha-n have arrived. The install manual is my nighttime reading...



70 M2 2.5L 

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Ready for Christmas?




I like the pace of this project. Should be ready for the Vintage in May, right??

Renovating a house at the same time has slowed me down. I want to say yes to the Vintage, time and $ will tell. Next up is an e30 rear subframe from 2002haus, and turbo spindles, hubs etc from Blunt. Blunt has been a huge help sourcing the parts I needed. He's the godfather of oem and M2's.

In the next 3 weeks I expect the motor will be finished and we can drop er in.

70 M2 2.5L 

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