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Honda F20 Powered 02


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just get a photobucket acct and paste the IMG code. Then we'll get a bigger picture(but it will go away if you delete it).

BTW, not to be a nanny but someone in Portland already did this(I wish more would do it, I'd love to).

Please post some more pics and some specs/mods. Stock '02 gauge cluster or S2K? Beautiful car too!

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so opening a photobucket account is the only way to post multiple pics? cant' the administrator grant me access?

IDK, that's just what most people(myself included) do. It's just an easy way to do it. They upload faster to photobucket and you can upload 10GB a month or something stupidly huge.

Still waiting on those specs...

Also, the other guy who did the swap hasn't been around for over a year and didn't give too much detail. Apparently he edited his post and deleted the pics a few months ago...lame.


Not really sure where he said he was the first?

No, but that's kinda the impression his statement made. Apparently Drac02 started(finished?) this swap 3 years ago, not much in his build thread either.

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Exactly Andrew, but I was gonna let it go...dont think I said "hey guys, im the first to do this, check it out"...

@Andrew ya, ill be around....

she said "It's just a car"...I said "You're just a girl"...

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I'm not hating, I love the build. It's just the way you introduced it which made it sound(to me) like "oh hey look at my greatness for being the first!" If you had introduced it differently like "I finally finished this project I've been working on for a while now, check it out..." I wouldn't have even thought to write that.

Anywho, carry on, sick looking car!

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