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to remove the under-hood heat-protectant material (long). .

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

the P.O. of my car installed this self-adhesive heat

shield material, now it is peeling up around the

edges and is rather unsightly.

i bought some brush-on adhesive remover that is

really viscous, i did a little spot test to make sure it

wouldnt damage anything and all it really did was

remove the shiny finish of the heat sheild, leaving

black crusty stuff and fiber mesh in it's wake. i left it

on overnight.

what's the best method to remove this stuff? dry-

ice? if so, i will need to remove the hood. . . i've

never done this before, any precautions to bare in

mind when removing the hood? i'll definately need

a second set of hands, right?

Also, the P.O. gave me an extra 10sq. ft. of the heat

sheild material, am i better off cleaning everything

up really well and installing the same stuff again?

if not, where do i get that foam stuff i saw on the

underside of so many hoods at the show last

week? and what purpose does the foam serve?


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Guest Anonymous

I'd leave the foam off too. It'll collect dirt and oil and look crummy in a few years (or months, if you engine leaks oil). After you get the adhesive off (I used kerosine and my fingernails!) just wax the hood's underside and it'll be much easier to keep clean.

DO NOT use dry ice on the hood--you're liable to crack the paint on the other side. Paint isn't meant to take -210 degrees!



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Guest Anonymous

If I understand the earlier post, the 02 does not require a heat shield under the hood? Mine has nothing and I have always thought that it had been removed at some point.

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