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FS or possible trade, 1973 inka tii, sunroof, lots o pics

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yea mine/yea affiliated

a few things about the car:

It's an original California car, with a factory rebuild tii engine, worked on by mike brown in LA, who installed a 5 speed and rebuilt the kugelfischer pump about 10 years ago. it runs strong and idles well, doesn't overheat, the temp gauge will start climbing in heavy traffic but it has never come close to overheating even on the NYC expressways. I believe the rebuilt engine probably has around 70k on it. All total the car has around 160k miles (odo turned over once according to the previous owner). The odometer also stopped working at some point recently, but I don't put many miles on the car anyway so it's still fairly accurate. All other gauges do work however, including the tach. There's a newer 5 speed in the car, with about 5k miles on it, and the old one that can be rebuilt and sold or kept as a spare just sitting in my garage.

Around 10 years ago the car was stripped down and resprayed (it's original Agave). not my choice, and yes it hurts the value but i always liked the inka color anyway so I looked past it. At this time the rust issues which were small at the time were taken care of, as I said the car is originally from California and had a pretty dry frame to begin with. There are one or two small bubbles appearing near the rear, but not enough to even notice unless you're looking for them.

The interior is the biggest weak spot on the car, it could use a new carpet set and center console, but there are a few positives as well, the dash and tii clock are in great condition and crack-free, and the car has a comfy set of leather covered heated recaros, a momo steering wheel and a nice wooden shifter knob.

I just had the car at Matt Meng's Little Garage on Long Island 2 weeks ago for a check-up and new NY State inspection, which it passed. The car is running great. If you are interested in a mechanic's assessment of the car, he would be the guy to talk to. All I ask is that if you do plan on calling him please let me know. I've gotten to know him professionally and wouldn't want a bunch of people cold calling him without me giving him a heads up first.

I'm going to ask $11.5k for the car, and I'll also consider interesting trades, either 02s with swaps or motorcycles. Let me know what you guys think, feel free to post your questions or comments here, or to email me off the board.

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