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whell wells... how much do I strip?


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I'm cleaning up my wheel wells, slowly prepping for new undercoating of the entire underside.

Looks like some sort of aftermarket undercoat was applied at some point, but it turned into a dried out powdery/flaky substance over the years. I'm removing all that and getting down to original paint underneath.

In some areas, I go too far and end up uncovering either bare metal or grey undercoating/seam sealer.

1) But how much more do I strip off? This car is remarkably rust free, I don't feel like I need to get down to bare metal in most places, but if I don't I'[m left w/ many different surfaces to apply primer to, which leads to my next question...

2) If I leave the surface as a mixture of scuffed up original paint, and some seam sealer, and some bare metal, what kind of primer can I brush/rattle can on before undercoating, and should I do anything to treat the patchy areas of scratched/bare metal that will be exposed for weeks in an enclosed garage?

Or is that all a bad solution, and i should just take these areas all the way to bare metal w/ a wire wheel?






Rusty 74 verona

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If I were you, I would go down to bare metal, and use an etch primer. Since you are in there you might as well do it properly. Although some paints will lift if you put etch primer over it, so if there is paint left use an epoxy primer.

I use an etch primer on bare metal followed by a sandable high-build epoxy primer.

Good luck with the work.



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I'm in the process of doing this down. I found especially in the front wheel wells that the coating had to come up. The white flakey stuff I'm pretty sure is factory. I found quite a few pockets of rust under the white stuff on a pretty rust free car. I ended up buying a cheap set of wood chisels from harbor freight and use them to remove as much white stuff as possible before wire wheel. much less mess.

Also I use the eastwood undercoating remover for the black rubbery stuff.

1968 BMW 1600 US VIN 1560713

manufactured on October 2nd, 1967


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