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carb mounting studs


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Can anyone direct me to where I can lay my hands on studs for a Weber carb? I've got a DGES 38 with a half inch spacer. The original studs were used to mount the carb and as expected, the nuts and studs have backed out and loosened. I believe that this has resulted in some back firing.

It appears that I have to have at least a 2 inch stud but have had no success locating any locally.

Thanks in advance!

'74 Chamonix 02

'89 Alpine II 325iC

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Buy long bolts and a 8mm x x1.25 die. Cut the heads off the bolts to the length desired, run a die over the ends to clean up the threads. Install. w blue loctite. Use new wave lock washers under nuts. Look on realoem.com for the part number for 1986-1990 E30 325i intake manifold nuts. These will be 12mm hex instead of 13mm...allowing more room for your wrench.

You might find suitable longer studs also on the E30 parts pages. length is usually listed in the description.

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Thanks Weg...I followed your tips and made my own. Worked like a charm and the carb is all snug to the manifold.

However, in remounting the carb, I noticed that the breather hose was stuck into a hole cut into the bottom plate for the air filter on the Weber. And it doesn't look like the hose reached all the way to the hole. Not a very clean set-up, so I going to read up on "catch cans" and other options on the forum.


'74 Chamonix 02

'89 Alpine II 325iC

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