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OK - whose is it


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One of our fearless leaders at "So. Cal. Vintage BMW"

73' Tii (new project) #6

68' GT4 "Track car"

69' 2002 RIP (my 1st.)

74' 2002 (Voted Best Modified BMW

So.Cal. Vintage 2011)

76' 2002

07' Escalade ESV (the money maker)

05' Ford Escort (the Beater)

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That car was at the last Socal drive that ended at Ireland Engineering. It was built by Groma. It was amazing in person! Im sure AceAndrew will come along shortly and spill the beans......

David G.
1989 Volvo 240 Wagon "Da Brick" Daily driver
1992 Nissan Sentra SE-R "Hitomi" Sleeping. Waiting for NEO VVL!!
1976 BMW 2002 "Diana" The never ending project!!!

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Noooo! I think those of us that saw the car fell in love, JRHONE has some good pictures lying around of it at the IE/Groma meet.

Car belongs (not for much longer) to John Barlow of SoCalVintage, I believe he's had some other cars up on BAT in recently. Ed and Mano did an awesome job in the building of it. Looking forward to the Bimmer feature next month.

EDIT: looks like John has provided a bit of background via the BAT comments.

"Thanks for all of the interest in the car.

I am going to try to keep up with all of the emails, though I thought that I might address some of the questions/comments on line.

First of all, I have to agree with most of you, in that it is an amazing car. It actually IS the finest 02 that I have ever driven, in any iteration. We have a ton of projects at the moment, that need our time and financial commitment, otherwise, this car would be going NOWHERE!

There seem to be a number of questions about the engine, and the overall build. I have driven this car for many hours at a time, at higher speeds, in traffic, on the twisties, on the freeway, more traffic , etc. and have had no issues at all with the car. No heat issues, no cooling issues, no oddities from the build.

The engine is a great build in my opinion, as the original turbos had little power until the turbo kicked in, lots of lag. This engine, also built with the modified Kugelfischer injection pump, is running with the stock Tii pistons for the US, at 9.5:1, and delivers a strong Tii power until the turbo kicks in at 4200-4500 RPM, with a smooth rush of power to redline. The engine could handle boost safely of up to 12 LBS, though this is not what this car is about. We are running the car at a very safe 7 LBS, and really think that anyone that drives the car will agree, it is damn near perfection.

It is an original Tii, and I usually have something to say about mods to one, however I have comfort in saying that nothing was cut to build this car except for the fenders. IF someone really wanted to undo the turbo set up that it was carefully engineered to handle, it could be done quite easily, not leaving a trace. The factory Turbo was based on the Tii as well…..I’m just saying.

There is an Aluminum shroud that was made, and looks quite nice, for the top of the turbo. It will come with the car. We do not have it installed, because we have had no heat issues, and I personally like the look a lot more without.

The blue silicone plumbing comments, I usually agree with. I really like the accents in this case, not to mention that we could not find the necessary sizes and shapes in black silicone, and did not want to use rubber. In real life, it’s not so bad!

There have been a lot of AC questions. I looked, and while I am not an AC specialist, there IS plenty of room for the original AC bracket and needed plumbing to be installed in this car, which would NOT be possible if the turbo was located below. This IS NOT an original AC car, and I cannot comment on the best way to address adding AC, though I do have some original AC brackets and components if you wish.

The exhaust is 2.5″ diameter stainless steel mandrel bent, with a custom header as you might imagine. It is a beautiful sight, and a nice almost, but not quite stock sound.

The suspension is custom as well, very well dialed in. Coil overs front and rear, sway bars, etc. the car rides very well, firm but not harsh, and no rattles.

The body: This car is worthy of it’s black [hide nothing] paint. The body is very clean, with no rust, no waves, and still shows the 2002 “ghost lines” in the hood and doors. The nose was replaced at some point in time [as most have been], however the job was very well done, straight and clean. The doors are great alignment, seams straight and even. One note is that the back bottom corner of the doors stick out about 1/8″ on both doors. They needed to be adjusted before paint. I would adjust them now, except that it really doesn’t bother me enough to tamper with the fresh paint in the door jam, and risk chips.

ALL of the turbo panels, the fender flares, front spoiler, and rear spoiler are FACTORY TURBO units, not aftermarket. The passengers side floor was replaced, as at some point in its life, water had been allowed to sit causing the only rust found on the car. The repair was well done, with no issues, though a factory floor board was not used. The paint is 6 months old, and stunning.

The interior is all fresh as well. The sun visors are original to the car, and the vinyl is not as tight as it once was. The headliner is perfect. the seats are beautifully done, and perfect, not overstuffed. The door panels are redone both front and rear, at huge expense. Great attention to detail was spent on the door panels to make them look period correct. They are awesome. The dashboard does have the usual SoCal crack in it, at the back of the cluster, otherwise, it is a nice clean Tii dash. The gauges all work well. The gauge fascia has the chrome rings around the dials, and the carbon fiber look. Most seem to like it. If it is an issue, I am more than happy to sell the car with a spare cluster fascia, and you could leave stock, paint to look like factory turbos, or ? There are currently no speaker holes, or provisions for speakers.

I am one of the founders of SoCalVintage BMW here in Los Angeles, BMWs are a hobby and an extreme [obsessive] passion. My reputation in the BMW community is extremely important to me, I have been here a long time and plan to remain here. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I will do my best to answer them quickly and honestly.

Thank you.


EDIT EDIT - my only shot, the engine


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While on the LA kick, and while I have the opportunity, my brother is shopping HARD for a strong DD(ish) in the LA area (He spends most of his time on his cafe'). He is in 90019 and has a healthy budget locked and loaded for a purchase.. We are looking for an insider deal, Not CL or eBay, to get him involved in the scene and have the ensuing support network. If any of you in the LA area know of something available, please email me and I will get you his contact info. All BMW's of the 60's and 70's considered, but if its a 2002, and he had his perfect choice, he really wants a polaris roundie and possibly a Tii. Patina is fine, just want it reliable and well maintained.

Thanks gents.

2002 newbie, and dead serious about it.
Smart Audio Products for your 2002


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