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Steering Wheel Leather Deteriorating Fast

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Hello to All

I have my recently purchased 72 tii and I am stuck at what to do with the original leather steering wheel. The leather is falling off dramatically everyday and I can see spots of white underneath the black leather. The leather itself is very mooshy and is to far gone to be restored but I could be wrong. My options are obviously to buy a new steering wheel but that will take time and money which I do not have plus I want to keep the original. I could get a steering wheel cover as a temp fix but over time wouldn't the leather wear underneath the cover? Another option would be to get it re-laced and I have no idea where to get that done. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of things I don't know so please help me out.

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leather steering wheels were Not Original to these cars

all are accessory installed

hand-creamy-hands and SUN! cause the rotting of

the leather

you listed all the options available - all cost money

new wheels are not that expensive - look over in our

FREE classified Sell/Buy section

and shop the many steering wheel vendors.

The steering wheel is something you use 100%

of the time driving your car - right next to the seats.

So invest in your comfort and appearance with a new wheel

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