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Restoring my wiring harness


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Does anyone know where I can find some good info or videos on restoring a wiring harness?

I am restoring myn02 and my harness is ready to come out of the car. But befor I do so I was tinki g I should rewrape the harness as I take it out. I was thinking of using hockey tape and just start from one end to the next. Thinking I would do a foot stretch at a time. My wires don't look bad at all the wrap just looks real bad.

Do I need to clean the wires? Before I wrap them?

Should I use something other thane hockey tape and how much should I get?

Thanks for any help!

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I'd unwrap the wires slowly, and (maybe one or two feet at a time) clean them with wax and grease remover (available from 3M, etc). You'd be amazed how much oil vapor/residue gets INSIDE the tape. It's gonna be SLIMY!

Rewrap them with a single band of standard vinyl tape every 4 inches or so, to retain the orientation and spacing of the wiring "offshoots". THEN wrap with the tape of your choice, afterward.

I'd recommend a thin cloth tape (not sure how beefy hockey tape is, or it's resistance to heat/fumes, etc). In areas where the wiring splits off, and I want to wrap the area snugly - I tend to use thinner (1/4") wide sections of tape, torn lengthwise, for a more accurate/tidier wrap.


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Paul's suggestions of cleaning and then placing "wedding bands" of tape every 4" is a great one.

Tape, I have used friction tape, BMW fuzzy tape (used on newer BMWs) and hockey tape.

Friction tape is durable but will leave a residue on the metal in the car. It will eventually stop but it takes awhile. There may be a way to keep it from doing this, i just don't know what it is. The residue easily wipes off.

Hockey tape, seems to work well, looks good with no residue.

Fuzzy BMW tape - no problems just does not look period.

I believe it is Mike Self that recommends using BIAS tape from a sewing store. A Site Search may turn up Bias Tape.

If you find breaks or frays in the wire, solder it back together placing shrink tubing over the solder joint.

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Great suggestions.

I used friction tape as it was readily available. After wrapping, I put a little talc (baby powder) on my hand and wiped the taped area down to minimize the tack of the tape. Yes, it did turn white from the powder, but after some brushing it cleaned up quite a bit and almost looks patina'd.

Steve J

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