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Which wire to hook Electric fuel pump to?

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Ok, so i'm going with the electric fuel pump now. I'll be needing help installing this thing when I get it. I don't know what wire to hook it up to so that when I turn the key on, the pump will turn on. Somebody told me there is a loose brown wire under the dash that I could hook it up to, but i've looked and I don't see one. So I took some pictures hoping that you can point the wire out to me maybe. If not, a general area would be nice, or another option.

There are a few more pictures at the link, they are pictures 0258-0262.

Also, should I mount in the trunk, or in the engine bay? THanks.



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Guest Anonymous

turn signal and wiper relay under the dash that is wired thru fuse 11. It's meant for the fuel pump on a tii, so isn't used on a carbureted car. Look under the dash; when you spot the wire (it has an insulated terminal on the end) you can tell it's the correct one by turning on the ign, hooking up a voltmeter to the wire (you should have 12v) then pulling #11 fuse. The voltmeter should go to zero if you have the correct wire. Using this connection will wire up your fuel pump per factory specs. If you can't find the wire e-mail me and I'll look up the colors for you.



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Guest Anonymous

I just did this on a '76. I conected the wire to the #12 fuse by

lifting the fuse box, finding the wire that comes off of the #12

fuse, and splicing the fuel pump wire on there. I then ran the wire

under the car, along the rear brake line, up into the trunk through

the same hole as the main fuel line. It works well. If you have an

older car with the 6 fuse box, use a test light to figure out which

fuse has power with the key on and go from there.

- Dave

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