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vincode problem


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Need some help, did find a barn 2002 turbo but the problem is that the vincode is destroyed and the identification shield is missing the original motor is also missing othervise the car is in good condition and the interior is in great shape the car i equiped wirh a 5 speed gearbox dogleg style,,, and you can see the three first digits of the vin 429.... the end seems to be 0157 but I am not sure.... need to be sure because the papers of the car is also missing this is a barn find and the previous ovner has past away many years ago... the colour on the car has been the bmw silver racing colour. but it is painted in the 80,s to inka orange... do anyone have any ideas how to identife this car ???

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as you know , 2002turbo's were only Silver or Chamonix white,

a very few rare ones black.

right side inner fender should be stamped with

the VIN and if it's missing - you either have a ground-off

number to hide the fact it's not a turbo, or prior major

collision repair to replace that inner panel

should have a VIN tag on top of the steering column,

next to the steering wheel - no reason that would be missing!

matching MOTOR number (but motor is missing!) to the VIN number

and the 3 digits you do see could be fake stamped

if it's real - should have fender lips fastened with screws

and ugly cutting underneath the lips to enlarge the wheel opening

that was factory

front and rear 'turbo' spoilers, oil cooler behind the front spoiler,

boxed rear suspension control arms, larger than standard

dia. exhaust pipes, red-face instrument cluster- not fake wood grain, dashboard clock,

special seats, ...

these are the visual clues of original 2002turbo

Good Luck - hope your dream comes true



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Only the USA cars had the Vin on the steering colume covers. If it is a real Turbo the body under the rear fenders has been cut away and the lips turned out and sealed. Look for the 320 mm rear brake shoes and the vented front rotors (and not the slip over the hub type from the E21 320i's) There are a number of other unique bits, take some picutres and I bet we can help figure it out. Would be great to find another one and bring it back to life. You can also contact Sean Casey and Norbert Grunberber and see if anyone is claiming that chassis number.

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Find some pictures of a Turbo engine compartment and take 'em with you to compare with your barn find. The Turbo has several brackets welded to various places in the engine compartment that are unique to the Turbo. If they are there, then that improves your chances that it's real.

Check the speedo--it'll be in km and go to 220 or 240 km/hr

The other thing to look for is 5.5" steel wheels--they look like E21 steelies, but have the correct offset for a 2002. They'll also have a 1974 or 75 date code stamped on 'em. 5" steel wheels won't fit over the Turbo brakes

Finally, look in the trunk to see if the trunk floor is raised a couple of inches to clear the larger (taller) Turbo fuel tank and wider spare wheel/tire. someone building a Turbo clone probably wouldn't go to that much trouble.

Hope it's real, but the trick is gonna be finding all those missing parts.


PS--send what you think is the VIN to BMW Classic (Mobile Tradition); they can tell you where it was originally delivered and its original color...

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The windshield vincode is not in the European modells yes the car has all the right body weldings and the original colour is the chamonix silver (Bmw racing colour) The engine room is not painted and when you scratch the red pain the colour is Silver like it should bee... it has the bigger gasoline tank and the red instruments and the black sport leather seats are also mounted in the car ... I opened up one of the seats and did find the date they were built 24 feb. 1974 .The car is a real turbo every detail are correct, the problem is to find the vin-code... I am close to cut out the vin number and take it to an metal x-ray....Can the gearbox give any clues or wome other parts in the car ???? it has the rare five speed, have not lifted it out yet, just bought the car . And would not like to cut out the steelplate if I can avoid it will pull out the gearbox this weekend and check the numbers thanks this far R. Lasse

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The gearbox is not numbered to the chassis and the close ratio 5 speeds are the same as the boxes used in the Ti, Tii and standard 2002. The Turbo 4 speed was a special unit with a larger main shaft, different output flange and bearings. You should be able to clean up the area around the VIN on the chassis and get the number to show, I would not cut it out (if it is correct everyone will wonder about the welding around the number from here on no matter how good you are about replacing it)

It does sound like you found a real one, congrats. Now to find all of the Fuel injection pieces.

1970 1602 (purchased 12/1974)

1974 2002 Turbo

1988 M5

1986 Euro 325iC

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Yes pictures please! This one has sparked my interest!

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