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what sound insulation to use when replacing carpet...


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I'm looking to put in a carpet kit in my car and since il be down there, I was thinking of adding some sound insulation to make things quiet. I've heard of dynamat but its pricy I thought about buying some cheap foam to lay down but is that too cheap and for lack of a better term ghetto?

What have you guys used?

If you can suggest product that would be great. Il be stripping all old carpet and installing all new so I can cover whole floor.


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I'm contemplating the same thing.

There is quite a bit of discussion in many online forums about this. I know that sound insulation is for the most part similar to heat insulation. The current technology of heat insulation is a coating. Either liquid foam or paint.

There are some brands like lizard skin that sell a specialized auto paint. Also there are people who claim that you can do the same thing for a fraction of the cost by mixing micro-balloons with insulating paint.





Also there are plenty of forums that debunk dynamat with hardware store tar paper.

Personally, I was thinking of using the koolseal elastomeric paint with hobby store microballoons. I used this paint on my house's roof and was VERY impressed. The real question is should I add tar paper on top of that...

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I did the interior of my car in QuietCar (took approx 1.5 gal) - nice thing is the ease in applying to the inside of the doors as well as floorboards, etc, followed by a layer of FatMat.

Next layer will be Esty's carpet!

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store--either the waffle style or rebond--7/16 or 1/2" will work well and not cause your carpets to fit poorly, and neither will easily absorb water. You can usually scrounge the few square feet you need from the shop's dumpster or buy it very cheaply as scrap from the carpet place.


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Peel N Seal is your best alternative in my opinion. IT can be found at Lowes. I havent seen it at Home Depot. All home stores will cut carpet padding by the foot . Just buy new carpet padding, you dont know what funk was spilled on used padding. As added insurance, buy some thick plastic clear plastic and put between your carpet padding and carpet. This will act as a barrier, allowing only the carpet to be soaked when wet

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Guest Anonymous

I used 1/2" closed cell foam several years ago--used carpet adhesive to bond to clean floor previously coated with POR-15, foam has good memory, no moisture absorption, very light weight, inexpensive and available from most auto interior suppliers--laid fresh carpet directly on top of foam--has worked well for me in the SoCal climate.

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