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Hey Neil in NJ-Thanks for the old Roundels!

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Guest Anonymous


Thanks again for sharing those old Roundels with us at

the WV gathering. It's really cool! I have the 1975

October Fest issue. Looking back in time throught that

issue is a lot of fun, with photos of 02's at the time

they were the latest technological offering from BMW

(and still the best in many of our opinions). And the

ads are a hoot...voluptuous babes holding some car part

with a caption reading "you thought I was good last

time, wait until you try me now!" Man, times have

changed, eh? Anyway, wanted to say thanks, looking

forward to seeing you and the rest of the folks in

Carlisle. Cheers! Joel

ps - I picked up some George Dickel too. it's nice to

kick back after dinner and get that "Dickel tickl

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~nharren/index.html

It was really cool to hang out and look at the old Roundel's, I

had a great time!

Great to hear you're comming to Carlise, I can't wait! I will

take a TON of pictures (got another flash card fo rthe


As for Dickel....got a bottle too, sounds like Mike turned a lot

of us into "Friends of George" :-) Good stuff!

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