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wow! just had an absolute NIGHTMARE of a time

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

getting my cylinder head off my block... all the bolts bar one turned easily but the one! well. it was so seized i ended up having to resort to a 4 foot piece of galvanised iron pipe over my ratchet and then only *just* got it to move... it twisted out a bit and then stopped. i thought i was screwed but when the others came out the head popped off... the nasty bolt had unscrewed out of the block but was kind of bulging with crap and wouldnt pull through the head.... i guess they hadnt been taken off for about 32 years....

anyone else had any similar problems?? i will be dismantling the head and the bottom end tomorrow...



'71 2002 verona

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Guest Anonymous

was when taking a head off a parts car.

Apparently the water jackets are close to the bolt holes, and sometimes breach into them.

When I had the head tested, it indeed had a leak, and my machinist sleeved it to seal it. 2 years later, no problems.

He found the problem by vacuum- testing the bolt hole, if that helps...

I have pulled massive amounts of crusted- up oil out, tho...


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