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New to the Forum, Just bought my first BMW 2002tii

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My name is Jonathan I live in Houston, TX and I just bought my first 02, and it ended up being a tii!, about 3 days ago. This is my first forum to join and it seems like the right one. I found this gem sitting in the parking lot of the place I was going to get my hair cut. I asked the receptionist who's car that was and she said it was hers and she was going to sell it! Wow It must have ment to be, you just don't find these cars lying around. Its a 1972 sahara color, runs really good and has already had some work done to it. I am going to start restoring it but slowly just pieces at a time. Also I need to find a good name right now its Albert but I am open to anything. Feel free to ask any questions.



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Welcome to the madness!

Going by your tag, you are in the right profession (Either mental or physical) for owning one of these cars.

Don't go blind into any project on this car. If treated improperly, some of the bits and parts can be very expensive to replace. Ask us questions here and we'll try to save you some grief and $.

Protect those shallow grilles. (I miss mine!)

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Congrats, Jonathan. Only the bold, the brave, & the odd can drive Sahara '02's. I like the color, though I was razzed today for not liking Siennabraun (it makes the '02 look like a Hershey bar) on an '02. Go with what you like. In Texas, you will be glad you did not get one in Schwarz or Atlantik. (i.e. black or dark blue) Have fun with your addiction!

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and like Jim and others say, it grows on ya. Also it doesn't show dirt--just wipe off the bumpers and wheels and it looks clean.

Have fun with your new car, and don't be shy about asking questions on the FAQ--lotsa friendly and knowledgeable folks here...


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