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newby questions, looking for parts suggestions. bushings, et


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Hello, I'm hoping to get some insight about products to replace on my 71' 2002.

I'm looking to replace all my rubber bushings underneath the car, does any one know where to buy a whole kit? Does one even exist?

What are the best bang for your buck tie rods? I've heard of moog as being nice but not sure what peoples experiences are.

Also, has anyone removed an California smog / air pump? I know il need to seal off some exhaust valves if.I pull it. Can I bypass this by buying a header? If so which ones are also the beat bang for your buck?.

Thank you in advance for your insight.


1971- 02-Malaga -(Ginger)- 2nd owner

1973-02- chamonix (sold)

pardon any grammatical errors in my posts, im probably on my cell phone.

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Realoem.com should help you with part numbers you have to go to the archive section to find the good cars. Blunttech.com and Maximillian and Pelican Parts and Bavauto have parts. I think Blunt has a kit.


'76 2002

'90 M3

'90 535i 5 speed

'89 325is '91 318is

'87 325is

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BluntTech has a kit but it doesn't come with sway bar bushings. You'll need ask for those extra.

Are you willing to drop the front subframe? It requires suspending the engine (which is easier than it sounds) but its easier to install bushings, control arms that way. But most importantly you can get the welds checked and get the unit powder coated.

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Blunt has a good OEM kit, easy way to go.

All the OEM parts originate from a wharehouse or dealer so if you have the part numbers go see how your local stealership treats you (results will vary widely).

If you're looking to go more of a performance weekend warrior type setup then Ireland Engineering has a set with Urethane bushings, weld-in reinforcement plate, Etc. It doesn't show up as a complete kit on their site ( http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-suspension-steering.html ), but if you call/email they have a list.

You'll find plenty of readily given opinions on here but there is nothing that can compare to your own experience. Good luck!

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Also, has anyone removed an California smog / air pump? I know il need to seal off some exhaust valves if.I pull it......

CA, your pre '76 car is exempt from emissions testing, but is NOT exempt from CA Air Resouces Board emissions regs. Given the exemption from testing, there's really no reason not to pull the probably non-functioning emissions gear off the engine, but if you do pull it, DON'T throw it away.

Hopefully, we'll never find ourselves in a spot where we have to go back to having our older cars submit to bi-annual emissions testing (which includes a visual inspection to verify that ALL the factory emissions stuff is present), but it could happen. Should that dark day come to pass, O.E. emissions hardware will probably become very hard to come by, and you'll want to have all the emissions stuff you pulled off your engine available to re-install.

Barry Allen
'69 Sunroof - sold
'82 E21 (daily driver), '82 633CSi (wife's driver) - both sold
66 Chevy Nova wagon (yard & parts hauler)

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