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Window Regulator, what is on the back?

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Hi folks,

I am new to the 2002 scene. Upon trying to crank my passenger window up on my '76 2002 (golf, 4-speed), I heard a pop in the regulator mechanism, and the handle was then free-spinning. I opened up the door and found that the crank arm had disengaged from the slot at the bottom of the window support. If I pop the knob back into the support slot, it just pops back out. Clearly there is something that is supposed to hold the knob in the slot (love these technical terms?) from the back...I believe. But I don't know what. I searched around the internet for an image, but haven't found something helpful.

Please see the photo to illustrate what I am talking about, seeing I don't know the correct names. What is supposed to affix the parts together once I push back through the slot?

Also, the other photo is parts that I found at the bottom of the door. I am pretty sure the washers are related to my situation?

Thanks for any help,

Rob (Vashon Island, WA)



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you can either play Blacksmith all summer trying to fix

that worn out regulator,

or just buy a new one an have your window work

like it did when new, and enjoy your summer with

a window rolled up when it rains


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'13 500 ABARTH #DT600282 6,666m "TAZIO"

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Thanks for the pics, Eurotrash. That is really helpful to know what is missing. Those shots are exactly what I needed (rather than pulling apart my other door just to have a look).

c.d.iesel, is sounds like you are not too confident that just by using the same parts, that I will get this thing back together. Have you had some bad luck before with just trying to reassemble one of these? I noticed that the main crank gear (behind the window handle) was rather tight and may have contributed to this all happening in the first place. With some WD-40 I got it spinning a lot more smoothly now. Or maybe this joint I am reattaching got hung up on something? Hard to tell without reassembling and seeing where it travels.

I agree, I don't want to fool with it all summer either. I was taking on faith that with the correct pieces and the smoother action, I would be able to reliably snap this back together. That is misplaced faith, perhaps?

Thank you for the advice.

Thanks folks,


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If your repairs are not as successful as you'd hoped for, window regulators come up for sale on the PARTS FOR SALE board fairly often, so you might try posting on the PARTS WANTED board and see what you get in the way of replies.

Bob Napier

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I have my spring, two washers and lock clip/washer to connect the arm to the window support. Is there a trick to get all this connected onto the nub? It seems there is next-to-no space to one's get fingers in and get that last locking washer on...while keeping the spring compressed to get it all to fit.

Is there a specific method, or do you just keep trying and trying until something magical happens?



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