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Anyone built an auto rotisserie?


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I need to do a bunch of work on the sheet metal on the underside of my M2. I need to replace some floor material, raise the floor in parts to accomodate an exhaust system, and then rust-proof and paint the bottom of the car.

My problem is that I've welded upside down, and am tired of sparks melting my clothes/helmet/face. I'm debating about building a rotisserie for the car. I can't afford to buy one, but I just finished building a nifty 350 lb english wheel frame that could serve as one stable end of the rotisserie (http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,334837/start,30/) . I also have an engine stand that is not as sturdy as my ewheel frame, but could rotate and lock the rotisserie.

My thought is to remove the adjuster and lower anvil from my ewheel frame, and make a piece that bolts between the tool arm and the upper part of the frame where the adjuster normally bolts on. Possibly as simple as a piece of box tubing with a bearing installed to accept a tube from an adapter I'd attach to the body of the car.


At this point I still need to figure out a brace to attach to the car that wold have two tubes coming out at each end to act as points of rotation, and don't know how I'd raise the car to the height needed.

But I suspect someone on this forum has overcome these obstacles, and am open for suggestions.

Thanks for any insight,


'76 M2

'02 325iT

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Guest Anonymous


You need a lot of room for a rotisserie and when it is not in use where do you put it.

This is another way to go. We have used it a few times on a few different cars and it works well and is very easy to store when not in use.



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look in Hemmings Motor News Cassified - tools section

this from past thread search here abouts:


a simplier solution is a roll over - basicly a frame that bolts

to one side wheel flanges, and you just roll it up onto it's side.

Somewhat like the fellow above - but with out rolling it on the door skins!


ACME # 4


Eastwood's Tilt-A-Car



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All those pictures make me think of a Joey Chitwood training device.

A great idea, but I'd be so damn scared of a possible failure and catastophic damage. I guess it would HAVE to be a stripped shell.

Steve J

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& too many bikes

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I built one recently with all the bells and whistles using a pair of Harbor Freight engine hoists (cherry pickers) as my starting point. I modified them to look more or less like engine stands with the hydraulic ram able to lift the load vertically. I had to buy 2 lengths of square tubine to use for the cross arms and adapters to bolt to the 2002 subframe mounting points. I can asseble everything and lift the car using the 2 hydraulic rams to whatever height I want (helps to have 2 people so you can lift both ends evenly - otherwise you're going back and forth lifting each end just a little bit). I can set the height at several different locations (you have to have the pivot points at the same height at both ends to rotate the body). I used some threaded rod and coupling nuts to make height adjusters at each end to adjust the CG so it would be balanced for rotating. I basically went online and looked at various youtube videos of rotisseries for sale to get my design ideas. All in all, I figure I have about $300 in it (used sales flyers from the back of auto magazines to get the HB hoists for $90 each.

By the way, its still a PITA to remove all the undercoating but I would really hate to try to do it laying on my back under the car.


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