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WTB: 2002 roundie

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I am in Chicago and can't manage to find ANY bimmer roundies 4sale!!!

Please help me out and point me in the right direction and not west coast either as S&H cost is prohibitive. Have spoken to Ben and even he can't seem to help out.

As a fall back, I have located a 72 Bavaria with unknown miles that is in dire need of a paint job altho has had a lot of work done to it.

Thanx in advance of any help. Tim

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Guest Anonymous
Have one here in the Alabama. Not sure if that is too far for you, but just an option. Email me if you are interested. elijah.fox@gmail.com

do you have pics you can send me and how much your looking for for the car.is it a tii.



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Yeah, 1.5K is significant cash. I was basing my comment on the $700 it cost me to ship from AZ; I guess CA is quite a bit further.

You might shave off the shipping costs by cutting off the middleman and contacting a carrier directly; people here might be able to recommend some. (I shipped through an auto transport company, so I could probably have done it more inexpensively.) But your point is well taken.

As for the Bavaria: those are lovely cars, and if it runs, it might be tempting. When you mention "rats holes," though, I think major money. Painting also isn't cheap. Of course, it all comes down to what you want out of it. If you just want a fun beater car to tool around in, it may work. But if you want a car that looks nice with a future, I'd stay with the original advice. As you probably know, you'll go through $1500 in no time.



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