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A Handful of 2011 Bavaria Tour Photo Albums

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My search results lead me to believe that there wasn't/isn't an official 2011 Bavaria Tour thread.

My apologies if you've seen these albums already.





This next one is a combination of the 2006 and 2011 Tour.

The images from 2006 come right after the pictures of the castles.


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Yep we are going down there!


My link Just a few of the ~1000 pictures I took


But there is more than just Bavarian Tour pictures, includes our time in the Netherlands and Austria so folks may not be interested We just got back after 2 1/2 weeks We also went to the Nurburging and spent 2 extra days driving around Austrian Alps in the 02s

Got to meet Nick and Alex from the NK world too and see Nick's cool little 1800. Soooo many nice old BMWs, being driven in the rain and or back country roads as the first tour day was a little drippy (Rarely saw a hood up showing off and engine bay! Seriously!) But the weather cleared after Thu and it was fantastic. So much to say about our experiences over there but a big thank you to Jeffrey and Adeline for allowing us to drive their Baur. The Alps were even better than I expected and driving down the Autobahn at 150 in an 02 is a fun experience. over 3200 km in the cars and not a single problem. And their gas, especiallyin Austri is so much better than what we get over here. Of course it was really expensive!!!!! But the M10s love it

A fantastically organized event. So much planning and effort goes into this, years in the planning. It honestly seemed like normal sedans were in the minority with all the cabrios and turbos and NKs running around. Tis, Alpinas and a very rare Heidegger driven all the way from 8 hours north of Oslo.

Only other US participants were Dirk and Alexandra in their 2002 Cabrio. In the hotel of our little hotel parking lot where the Dutch contingent were staying there were 4 tubos and 5 cabrios, The Heideger and a Touring.

We got in last night and are still trying to absorb it all. I have lots and lots of stories to tell Memories of a lifetime

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Welcome back Mike- Been thinking about you guys and following your updates. You will be running around on adrenalin today and tomorrow you will crash hard. Will be great to hear all the stories.

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Got to meet Nick and Alex from the NK world too and see Nick's cool little 1800.

excuse me Mike, she's a 1600 ;-)

Yeah, weird that nobody was keen to show off their engine - I think my car parked nexted to Guidos 1600 NK were the only ones that had their bonnets up in Munich all day. Alex showed his off on the first tour day, but that was for other reasons!


Rest of my pics:


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Hey guys,

Mike It was really cool of you to come over for the Bavaria Tour. I knew you were there, but unfortunately just didn't find the time and place to say hi. Too much to see and too much to do... ;-)

We've had participants from the States on the 2 previous Bavaria Tours too, and it's really part of what makes this event so unique. 02-enthusiasts from all around the globe joining up in Bavaria to celebrate these great little cars that we all love so much!!

This year there were even two 02's driven down all the way from Finland!! Hell of a trip.

Anyway, I've been encouraged by Tom Jones to share my pics from Bavaria Tour too.

Arriving at Oberammergau:


The weird and funky South African BMW 2004.


Rather ugly to be honest, but I'd love to own one...


Original Heidegger driven down from Norway.


Perfect 2-owner NK 2000 automatic in Schwarz of the Hill family in front of a Portugese 02.


Stunningly beautiful Schwarz BMW 3.0CS from Portugal.


What a collection!! 1 of only 12 Dianas, a Italian market Baur targa in Turkis Metallic and a rare 2002 Lux 'Schwarz Edition'.


I'll never tire from Andy Andexers Diana. For me it's definately the 02 in the world that I'd most want to add to my garage...!!



Yup, it's a real 1600ti.


A '67 - the earliest 02 there...


Thursday morning before setting of on a 212 km drive through the Alps:


A fabulous French BMW 2000tii Touring with a totally complete and extremely rare 'Sport-Paket'!!



WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! A NK 2000tii in Golfgelb and sitting on Alpina steels. Gorgeous...


Pitstop at the Walchesee power plant.



5 of the 6 Danish 02's attending the Bavaria Tour:


- and a close-up of both my 02's sitting on the shores of the Walchensee...


Lunch break at the Alpencafé located at the end of a blind tollroad in the Eng in Austria - breath-taking scenery!!


Posing for the camera... :-)


TiSA. - need I say more...??





On the Friday we all drove into Münich and parked up at the beautiful Schleissheim New Palace.


Øivinds early Nevada BMW 2002.



I know Coloradogelb is almost too common nowadays, but the condition and attention to detail on this 2002ti really blew me away...


This Austrian 1502 had only covered km 18.000 since it rolled out of the factory in 10/76, and amazingly still wore its original paintwork!!


Neue Klasse.



Bristolgrau followed by Derbygrau...


And though it barely shows in the photo, this stunning NK 2000 automatic was the ultra rare Floridagrün.





Three beautiful NK 2000tilux lined up for the anniversary.




tilux, tii and TiSA...



A very cool series 1 BMW 2800 - love the spots and Minilites!!


Brilliant colour combo on this vollcab. Very rare Manillaweiss with brown softtop and interior.


A thing of true beauty!! Condorgelb must be the best colour for a vollcab and with this back-drop...


Saturday morning we lined up for another jaw-dropping route through the Alps.

This Tundragrün Metallic 2000CS is very active in the German 02 Club - love the colour, TiSA steels, US headlamps, spots and Talbot-Berlin wing mirrors!


Evil looking 02 from Norway.


Stopped for lunch at Buggi's Dorfstadl in the middle the Alps.



Awesome line-up of E3's!!



Very cool 2-owner BMW 2002tii in Turkis Metallic, with factory-fitted Recaro S seats and some very trick Alpina bits up front - Yummie...




And just to finish the 50th anniversary off with style, I stumbled over this too-good-to-be-true Rivierablau BMW 1800ti with black/red vinyl interior, rare wooden steering wheel only available as a BMW-option for the 1800ti and 2000ti, coco matts, factory sunroof, square yellow Lucas spots, gold-rimmed BMW emblems on the wheel trims etc etc...

Think I spent about an hour drooling all over the NK while snapping about a million pics!! :-D




Hmmm... just in case I haven't already bored you to death, you can always make yourself a massive cup of coffee, lock yourself in room and spend a couple of hours going through all my pics from Bavaria Tour 2011: ;-)


Already looking forward to the next Bavaria Tour in 2016... :-D

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Thanks for all of the pics, and for the narrative posting, Anders It's one thing to see a bunch of pics, but to be given a good description of what we're looking at is extra nice. So, thanks again for sharing your collection, and thanks for taking the time to narrate. It's very much appreciated.

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Amazing, Amazing , Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hmmm...Which photo should I put on my desk top, so many to chose from....I think I will start with the Yellow one with the black soft top.


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Thanks to all for the great pics! I definitely want to make it to one of those Bavaria Tours before I become Old(er) and senile.

When will the next one be?

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Great pics mate - do you know if the 1800Ti originally had that colour combo? Weird to see the red and black with the blue body.

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Wonderful pictures - thank you for adding to my passion for these Vintage BMW's. That Turkis-colored 2002tii would look mighty nice in my garage.

Those are amazing colors that were available on the European models.

The tailights on that unusual BMW 2004 look very close to the standard squarelights on the '74+ 2002's (mounted upside-down, crossed and different reverse light sections?). Also the front marker lights look like Bavaria/2800 issue units (same as GT4?).

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Glad your all enjoying the pics... :-D

@ Nick, to be honest I don't know if the black/red interior is original for the Rivierablau NK. I too was a little surprised to see that combo. It doesn't really seem correct somehow... Yet it really grew on me during the weekend. It's quite cool I think, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a period option either. They did some rather funky things with colours back then... ;-)

@jgerock, the South African 2004 is actually the body from a Glas 1700 (remember BMW took over Glas in Nov. '66), but with various BMW parts from E3, E9, 02 and even the early E12's.

From memory I believe the rear lights come from the early E12 - but mounted upside down and crossed.

BTW. check out BMW Classics own little write-up on Bavaria Tour:


They also stuck some pics on facebook:


And even a video:


Enjoy... ;-)

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Would you know or could you find out the VIN number of Stephans TISA?

I'm looking for 995089. I only want to know if it is or is not.

If it is, can you put me in touch with Stephan?

mcmil at prodigy dot net

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