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Peel & Seal vs. Dynamat

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Thought I'd share this with everyone, since there seem to be tons of die-hard Dynamat supporters on every project blog I've seen.


Dynamat definitely does their marketing to car people, which is why most people will resort to it, but if anyone is looking to spend $15 instead of $150, go to any Lowes or Home Depot and grab this stuff.


1972 2002 Malaga (soon to be Verona) daily driver/project.

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Guest Anonymous

I think it's the same product used to seal the house window framing before installing new windows. I used it when installing all new windows in my house. Tough and will stick to any kind of surface.

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I looked at all my options and used this stuff on my 91 Dodge Ram. It goes on very easy, I used my feet in socks to press it smooth--it is thinner than the sample of Dynamat I had on hand. I did tape up the seams with HVAC aluminum tape. On the floor pan section, I used a layer of Refletix bubble insulation on top (lowes) I taped these seams too. I topped it off with a nice carpet salvaged from a junkyard truck ($9). it worked well for my pickup, and should work for 02s but much of the hype says to avoid it and use a butyl based product. Also, pros will say that these products are trying to do heat and sound, and they don't always work for both. (translation, Dynamating the entire cabin doesn't over help)


--> 1968 2002 <--

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make your own sound deadening paint with Kool Coat which is a heat reflective paint for tin roofs and micro balloons. Add 1 gallon micro balloons (available through hobby shops, for radio controlled airplanes) to 1 gallon of paint and roll it on nice and smooth. Top it with some peel n seal and then with some reflective bubble wrap and you will have one well insulated ride.

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I've tried PNS, Dynamat and now B-quiet. They're all the same in my eyes. I find PNS the best value as you can find it at your local big box home improvement store (no shipping charge) and its cut into 6" wide rolls----very easy to handle in tight places. Some of the other companies like B-quiet sells it in much wider width rolls. Its hard to work with and you end up cutting them into manageable sizes like PNS.

If anyone wants to buy an unopened 50 sq ft roll for B-quiet Ultimate, I am selling it for $100 shipped CONUS. Use my email link if interested

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