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Keeeping a turbo engine cold... cause it gets HOT

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Hey, I have a 2002 with a e30 318i Radiator, which is bigger and this thing Just gets HOT HOT HOT

I am also running an oil cooler as well......

Not sure What I should do.

Hood vents?

reverse scoops??

obviously this is mostly at LOW speeds, or idle.


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At low speeds and light loads, you are not rejecting anymore heat that a NA setup. Radiator is big enough. You need an electric fan.

A radiator shop is a good place to take a leak.


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take a look at the pictures of the headgasket in the thread, seems to me the waterjacket flow is seriously restricted, should be matched like the original

Interesting I never even noticed that!

otherwise I fixed teh problem: my idle was too high.

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Some other things to consider:

Lower range thermostat opens up at lower temp

Higher pressure radiator cap (learned about that at Daytona this year when they were drafting each other all the time)

Oiler cooler (every bit helps) Porsche does this as well as larger oil capacity

Ceramic coat headers and turbo could help reduce radiant heating (while helps exhaust velocity

My .02 cents


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We did ;)

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Drain enough coolant out of the system to expose the top of the radiator core. If you see any rust flakes in the tubes, get a new radiator or get the old one flushed.

A lot of times, when an engine overheats, the rust in it brakes loose (in the form of flakes) and plugs the radiator. If you do replace or clean the radiator, be sure you flush the engine.

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