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65a alt swap. Detailed, phone conversation might be best

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Trent's 05 FAQ post doesn't discuss some questions I have. My new 65a alt didn't come with a pulley. Fan, inner and outer pulley section, two spacers and shaft alignment 'key' missing. The shaft is longer than original and the slot for the key on the shaft is further away from the alt housing requiring spacer to move Fan /pulley assembly forward to assure key is keeping all in alignment.


Can a spacer be added behind alt fan to bring fan/pulley assembly out to new key location to stabilize the assembly?

Concern: moves pulley to far forward and misaligning with rest of belt path


Can shaft EASILY be pulled from old alt and used to replace shaft in new alt.

Concern: shaft length and dia are different enough to cause issues. Shaft dia wont allow swap


Is there a new fan assembly available with correct key and that will not affect the pulley alignment?

General Concern: longer shaft causes conflict with cooling fan

Concern: a new key will be to wide to fit the slot in the original pulley assembly

It generally boils down to restatement of 2 previously asked questions: is there a new pulley of a similar enough dia that will align with rest of fan belt path and not affect the rpms of alt? Can old shaft be pulled and replaced with out screwing the pooch on 2 good alternators?

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If by some reason you got a newer (later model) alternator (newer than '79), it may have the wrong offset for the pulley. In this case you must use the alternator bracket from an E30 in place of the sock 02 bracket. This will align the pulleys.

Yes, you can space the pulley away from the body of the alternator. It is not easy to change the shaft as it is tied to the electronics inside the alternator.

Good Luck,

Mike (#87)

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