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Ideas and suggestions for a camera mount


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Hi All --

I have an idea for a shot for a video that I want to do but I think I would need to make a really special kind of jib arm that would have to attach to the front underside of the car somehow. Essentially the effect I'm going for can be seen in the classic Mitsubishi commercial from about 10 years ago:

You can see the effect for about two seconds at the 15 second mark (and wow, does that ad look dated now).

Basically what I think they did to get the rock solid tracking of the car despite it moving and turning is to mount a jib arm to somewhere on the front passenger fender/bumper area, and then digitally remove the jib arm in post to leave the "look" of a camera that is perfectly steady with the car, but seemingly unconnected to it.

I can easily do the arm removal in Adobe After effects (well, somewhat easily), but I can't even come close to figuring out how to make and attach an arm to the front end of the car.

Couple of caveats; For the Mitsubishi commercial, their jib probably stuck out 10 feet; I'd be going for a slightly different look and would use a wide angle lens and only need it to stick out about three feet or so. I've thought about removing the bumper and using that structure for mounting...

Essentially the actual camera would need to be about three feet away from the car and about level or slightly higher than the bonnet height.

Also, this would be only used basically once, and I'd be going pretty slowly and it would only be for a two second shot, max. So long term use is not a requirment...

Here's a shot of my car with the rough look of the final result; you can see it's distorted from the wide angle lens. You can also see that If I set it up right and and have some kind of mount low enough, I might get away with not having to remove the jib in post.

Richard's 02

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on how to set something like this up? what I should consider attaching to? Maybe the back-end is a better choice? Or is this a pipe dream?

I was watching my new blue ray of Grand Prix; shot by john frankenheimer in 65-66 using amazing camera mounts all around the cars... it got me inspired...


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Guest Anonymous

jrhone a member on the faq did something like that a while back. Though I think it was for still photos only. You might do a search on his user name or send him an IM.

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Wow -- that's exactly the kind of info I was looking for; Thanks! I'm gonna query him in that threat about how put it together...

My adobe After Effects skills (I do that for a living) are much better than my fab skills, but it doesn't look totally technical...

Thanks again!

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Just Google "car rig" to see many ideas. Manfrotto makes a lot of bits and pieces, or you can cobble one together from a trip to a good hardware store. You'll probably want a really good quality ball head - CL often has quite a few in most major cities, or Amazon once you know what you want - don't skimp - you want the head to stay where you put it and not sag/droop/fall apart. A back-up safety cable is a good idea. You can make a mechanical mount, or use vacuum cups or neobydnium magnets - lots of ways to do it. I'd like to try, but my post skills aren't good enough!


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Thanks for the tip! Wow, the rig shown here: http://tsx.acurazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=739260 is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. It looks a lot like the right that John has used (seen elsewhere on the forum).. but his looked more DIY.

Hopefully I'll hear from him about what he used to put his together--if he found some cheaper solutions like suction cups from harbor freight--because I know this shot will take two seconds max and I'm just doing it for fun... and even for me spending several hundred dollars on a 2 second shot might be a stretch. But I might just be able to convince myself!

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