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Ready to begin Jones family 1800 TiSA restoration (Update 1)


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Was having a good chat with my Dad recently (Father's day:) and he brought up that he'd like us to enjoy his cars together before he gets to old to do so. Time to let others see them as well.

Well, we decided that his 1800 TiSA would be the first on the list.

The car was originally owned by a Porsche Factory Race Mechanic then US immigrant who started the third BMW dealer in the San Francisco area; Heinz Eckhardt of German Auto Reparatur in Alameda CA. Heinz successfully raced the car at Laguna Seca, Sears Point and many Hill Climb events around Northern California until he got the bug for a 2002Ti. He sold the car to a SCCA San Francisco Region Official Hal Cope sometime between '69 and '71. It was in '71 that the car was finally registered for the street. Long story short My Dad bought the car in '89 and he had plans with a very good friend to go vintage racing with it, but those plans fell away when this friend Franz Fechner passed away. I vividly remember riding with the two of them around some Bay Area back roads, me in the backseat with no seatbelts hanging on to whatever I could grab. :)

So, after all these years sitting, waiting, it's this car's turn.

Currently the original motor has been out since '93 with detonation issues due to the 12.5:1 Alpina/Venolia hemi pistons and head shaved 50 thou. creating 13.8:1. The car sits with if I recall correctly, about 33K original miles on it. The first goal is to have the car painted and in street running condition, we'll see where it goes from there. Any decision to go vintage racing with it is still up in the air though.

Here's an album of some photos I took of the car last year...


Don't think i'll be starting a blog but will definitely keep the NK forum informed of our progress. :)







My parent's cars...

'63 Chrysler 300J: Grandpa's car, a Navy machinist in the Pacific in WW2, and Plymouth dealer mechanic until he opened a few shops of his own. He ran a dirt track 39ish Chevy in the early '70s that was painted Colorado orange because he liked the color of my Dad's Tii so much.

'65 1800 TiSA

'70 2800 sedan: 103K original, inside storage since '83, will have an injected M30-B35

'72 2002Tii, 2760007 Colorado orange, original owners, the main family car for most of my life. Since the original warranty ended my dad has been the sole mechanic on the car. I began handing him wrenches when I was about three. They joined the BMWCCA when I was two and were active members since. There have been great memories of cross country road trips to BMWCCA Octoberfests and just plain exploring North America in this car.

'03 325iT (Mom's daily wagon)

Here is a picture of the Tii at the First Monterey Historic Races in August '74. That's my Mother in the driver seat, she was pregnant with me at the time.


This has been this Tii's license plate since 7 letter plates were first available in CA.


I have an older sister that was lucky enough to take the Tii to college with her in early '87. In '88 Dad found the car he would build for her so he could have his Tii back... He and I worked on this car for a year and a half and in early '90 she got the keys to this same Granada red '67 1600 that would later be my own first car when I graduated high school. Yup it's the same car I've still got, I've been bustin' my knuckles on since I was 13. That's why, even after all these years I still love it and will probably keep it forever.

The day my sister Gwen received her first car...


Taken the summer it was handed to me...


In this shot you can see my Grandfather's Snap-On toolbox that he passed on to me when I became a mechanic.


I've been a professional mechanic since '94 when I was 19 and have been the mechanic on their cars since then; lucky enough to have been (mostly) BMW only for at least 12 years now at various specialists. Sean Casey and I became friends about 10 years ago and I've moonlighted on several projects and some regular BMW work as well... Well, last year when he decided it was time to move his Casey MotorSports out of his barn and into a real building closer to downtown Petaluma CA he asked me to be his first hired technician. Now, someone in Sean Casey's position would't hire just any yahoo off the street to be his first hired partner....

Off and on for the past 8 years this '86 528e has been my daily driver. I bought it with around 190K on it and it is currently at 408K.


With recent events here on the FAQ I figured it was time you all got to know my background a little better.

Sentimentality, I've got it bad.

Cheers and have a good day,

So please follow Steve K's forum rules and you will be treated with respect.

Here are a few suggestions to make everyones life a bit easier:

1. Use your real name (this is life -- not a pre-teen DnD game).

2. Give the model and year of your car (details vary, and we're not psychic).

3. List any mods or recent work that might be pertinent to a problem.

4. Be polite. You will not get help if you are rude.

5. Take things with a light heart.

6. Since we have a threaded view option please make sure to click the reply button next to the message you are actually replying.



My name is Tom Jones, and "That's not Unusual".

Tom Jones

BMW wrench for 30 years, BMWCCA since 1984 at age 9
66 BMW16oo stored, 67 1600-2 lifelong project, 2 more 67-8 1600s, 86 528e 5sp 586k, 91 318i
Mom&Dad's, 65 1800TiSA, 70 2800, 72 2002Tii 2760007 orig owners, 15 Z4 N20

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Pre-natally conditioned by the low motherly rumble of the Ansa (or Stebro, or...), you had no chance...Great pictures and history. At Laguna Seca, I see a Pantera, and a 911, so I'm sure that your father scolded mom for parking within ding range of that Pinto. the TISA looks like a great foundation car to restore..love those steelies.

Dave V. in NC

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Yup, some kids get prenatal classical music drummed into them. I got Vintage racing Ferrari's and such. :)

Tom Jones

BMW wrench for 30 years, BMWCCA since 1984 at age 9
66 BMW16oo stored, 67 1600-2 lifelong project, 2 more 67-8 1600s, 86 528e 5sp 586k, 91 318i
Mom&Dad's, 65 1800TiSA, 70 2800, 72 2002Tii 2760007 orig owners, 15 Z4 N20

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Sweet quite a nice collection you have there keep us informed on the progress and if you need any help with parts just give me a call!

I'm no longer affiliated with Maximillian Importing Company in any way, please address any questions directly to them.  -Thanks.

2002 "tii" coupe 1970
E21 320/6 2.7 Stroker 1981
E23 730 1978

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You are SERIOUSLY DNA'd. You are one very lucky "kid" growing up in that family. Your Dad is my kind of guy (we've never met, but you probably are too.).

And now to the significant stuff..................... re. the pics: The wheels on the Tii at Laguna are period CORRECT! Better than Alloys.


PS. Gramps was no slouch either. (I grew up with a 300F.---I'm the family's BMW owner-------first one in '72).

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Love the fleet.

A shame that this forum (and the '02 community) can be so damned snarky at times. I just like driving my old BMW around and tinkering it with in the garage. I'll be the first to admit that I don't generally know what I'm doing. I wish I had the mechanical aptitude to keep up with everyone, but I don't and never will.

1973 BMW 2002 Sahara

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wow. what am amazing coincidence. yesterday afternoon, i spoke to another tom in sc, who bought a tisa new, and kept it till about 92, i think. car was sold to a person in austin, and it is now at terry sayther's shop, almost complete. all the paperwork back to original purchase.

Ken Inn

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Those seats are pretty awesome!

'76 2002 in Malaga (110k Original, 2nd Owner, sat for 20 years and now a toy)
'86 Chevy K20 (6.2 Turbo Diesel build) & '46 Chevy 2 Ton Dump Truck
'74 Suzuki TS185, '68 BSA A65 Lightning (garage find), '74 BMW R90S US Spec #2

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I lived in San Leandro for a couple years and took my M3 to a shop on Estabrook St once to get something checked out. The owner Dave Sr worked at Webber Motors which had been just up Marina on Washington St. Anyway Dave Sr worked at Webber Motors back in the day when they were selling these cars and may know a little more history about you 1800. The name of the business is San Leandro Auto Service 920 Estabrook st. Dave told me he was a you mechanic and worked on alot of 2002 putting in the dealer option radios. Interesting guy, he is still in business with his son Dave Jr.

Ceylon 1973 2002tii 2762669

1972 Austin Mini 1275 traded

1970 Barracuda Convertible

1974 Schwarz 2002

1955 Chevy Bel Air 2 Dr Hardtop

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Tom, thanks for sharing!

If I am doing the math right, you are still a young guy. Due to your knowledge base and thoughtful posts I imagined you were a bit more...seasoned... Turns out it is just genetic!

John Lenham

1973 2002

(3.12.67 for the record)

2003 GMC Sierra Stuff Hauler

2000 Honda Odyssey Family Hauler

1992 Mazda Miata Wife's Grocery Getter

1988 Honda NT650 Hawk GT Dust Collector

1973 BMW 2002 Sunny Day Driver

1991 318iC Daughter's ride

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