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Foundation for a Turbocharged S14-M10 Hybrid


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I am building a new turbo engine variant for my 2002. The engine will be enhanced in several ways. I just picked up the block from the machinist last week and have uploaded several images of the mods that have been incorporated.

S14 block - bored and honed for 94 mm forged CP turbo pistons (8.5:1 CR)

Oil spraying nozzles added to main bearing journals for piston cooling

Oil return from S14 head plugged with AN fitting (not required by M10 head)

The S14 crankshaft, harmonic balancer and clutch assembly we precision balanced and will be complimented by Ireland Engineering H-beam rods with ARP2000 bolts.





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Jon at 666 Fab is an artist and created this tubular turbo header to my exact design specifications.

I sent him a jig to locate the SS Tial turbine in relation to the cylinder head and he crafted a header that fits like a glove inside my engine compartment.

This design is made from relatively equal length 1.625 OD primaries and features vee-band flanges for the turbine and waste gate with a single egt port just below the turbine.






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I second what Fifty said... Holy Shit!!! That looks sick, I though the one that I ordered from Jon was amazing but that thing is beautiful. I am interested to see this build!


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I have been accumulating parts for a while and am getting really excited to start the build. Headed to Europe for a 10 day cruise for honeymoon with my new bride. Hope to get started prepping the block when we return. Just ordered a set of new brushes to clean the block prior to bottom end assembly.

Not looking forward to removing and installing the new engine management system. I know the Haltech like the back of my hand and it would have been easy to slap the motor together and crank knowing that the maps were fairly close.

I plan to remove the Haltech and install the new M84 MoTeC ecu prior to firing up this new engine. Shop nearby tells me the MoTeC has some really cool automatic tuning features.

Stay tuned... .. .

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MoTeC is a great product but we ditched it two years ago on my FSAE team for Micro/Mega Squirt. It may be a bit harder to learn but you have ultimate flexibility with the system, controlling everything on your own. Also its way cheaper!!! Have you looked at that as an option for your ECU?


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MoTec is just awesome, sorry but it's waaay ahead of anything megasquirt has done. We use it on our formula sae car and I wouldn't be the least surprised if we have the most data acq a FSAE team has ever used, probably 40k+ worth and a good 15-20lbs on the car. Everything is run through MoTec and it really simplifies the system. If only we had the time to actually sort through and analyze all the information. The only downside IMO of MoTec is the cost.

Not to get off topic, but clownman, were you at FSAE Michigan this year? We could have crossed paths and chatted with out even knowing it. I was with OSU/GFR. I ran into Dan(goes to RPI, can't remember his screen name here) at FSAE West a few weeks back.

Back on topic.

This is going to be one of the nicest 8v turbo motors around! Is that turbo one of the new fangled Garrett GTX-R's?

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Very nice! Chysler used a oil squirt hole on the rod when they went the the turbo for the PT Cruizer. We built a special drill machine to put the compound angled hole in the connector rod. Would do the same thing you have there. Mahle was building the rods for them. We built the drill for them.

Great looking project Kurt.

"Common sense isn't common"

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How thick is your head gasket? Going for .040" squish clearance? What do you anticipate your CR will be?

Great looking engine BTW!

'69 2002

'59 MGA

'67 Chevy C20

“Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” - Mark Twain

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I plan to use a standard S14 head gasket with compressed thickness of .070". The M10 cylinder head style I am using has volume of 60 cc. The factory piston used with this head had a flat top and yielded 8.3:1.

My target CR is 8.5:1 so I calculated the proper dish for the piston based on the known clearance volume resulting from the HG and combustion chamber.

As mentioned previously I did not want eyebrow cuts for the pistons. While building my previous engines I tested the piston to valve clearance at TDC using molding clay and I had more than .125" on the exhaust side.

The Schrick 284 camshaft does not have enough lift to necessitate the relief cuts on the pistons.

I provided CP (actually VAC Motorsports) with deck height, rod length, stroke, cylinder head volume and gasket thickness. CP swears that they never miss a customers CR and that they properly adjusted the dish volume after incorporating the eyebrows.

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I have almost completed the changes I am making to the timing chain tensioner and cam sprocket.

I welded a bushing in between the ear of the standard M1o tensioner and plan to use the oiling hole to lubricate the bearing surface afforded by the S14 bearing bolt.

Also, I have slotted the cam sprocket and added a pin to the camshaft itself. This will enable me to index the cam sprocket and properly adjust the timing by changing the eccentric bushings

Finally I spot faced and tapped thread for installing a sync magnet for the cam position sensor. I am waiting for the lower timing cover to return from powder coating. After the head gets installed I will dial in the camshaft for a specific amount on the intake valve on cylinder #1 as the piston of cylinder #4 approaches TDC.

Then after I have the cam mechanically timed I will transfer punch the position of the magnet onto the backside of the upper timing cover and machine for sensor mounting.





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Been super busy with family matters but managed to sneak a few minutes this evening to clean some fasteners, install the timing chain guides and clean the timing chain lower cover.

Should be able to install the new gaskets, lower cover and S14 water pump tomorrow.




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