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Shorty Console lengthening- opinion needed


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My car's all apart, so I'd appreciate an opinion. I have a rather grand plan for my console's contents of gauges and radios and switches but want to stay close to the short console for my 68 1600.

I'll be building my own console using the original as a pattern but want to enlarge it just a bit, lengthwise.

Can anyone comment on the feasibility of it being extended aft for approximately 1" more than standard? I'd keep the original side piece shapes except extend the bottom part toward the back. This would make the vertical piece that straddles the tunnel shorter as the sides lengthen a bit. I can't really tell how that would fit due to the current disassembled state of my car.


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Go to Home Depot and get some of that cheap styrofoam insulation and mock one up. Don't grind on the foam anywhere you don't want the little beads to static cling to. Don't paint your prototype with oil based paint or it will melt. You can use Epoxy and fiberglass on it however.


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the part that straddles the tunnel--is very close to the base of the shift lever boot retainer as it is. I don't think you have an inch of clearance between boot and console as it is now, and you can't move the boot retainer as it's welded to the tunnel housing.

Have you test fitted the original console with boot in place?



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No, Mike, I have not test fitted anything. The dashboard is sitting loose only approximately in the right position, there is no carpet and I've forgotten where the under-dash panels are stored, so at this point Esty's picture find (thanks!) is about as close as I'll get. I also recall that the shift lever goes surprisingly further forward when in action than you'd expect. I think I'll have to stick with the standard size. My goal is to include a full complement of gauges, an am/fm radio with MP3 input of some sort, a ham radio transceiver, and XM radio receiver. Obviously it will be tight and there will not be any room for a cubby hole or ashtray. It's still early in the process, but I'm at the wire-planning stage now so I want to know how much of that stuff will fit.

Speaking of wire planning, I think I want to build my own harness, and plan on starting from a wiring diagram. The car's a 68 but I have a 76 parts car and plan on a larger fuse complement inside the passenger compartment. I think I'm headed towards starting from a '75 wiring diagram. Any advice out there?

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a suggestion & what i would do in your situation...i'd find a pair behr console sides, cut the front sections back to the length of a short console and recover it (if you're stuck on a short console)..the behr console sits at a compound angle and allows for a much wider face, more room for stuff...i doubt seriously that you'll get 1/4 of the stuff you want in a regular console face unless you widen the face considerably

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