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M20 Triple weber build x2

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Great details and pictures.

Have to ask... it doesn't look like you added a reinforcement piece to your sub frame steering box mount. Was this intentional or maybe I cannot see it?

Edited after viewing the IE reinforcement plate in the ad...did you weld one on your subframe prior to the powdercoat?

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The subframe I used as a core was from an old circle-track racer which already had the reinforcement welded in. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Hidden Stereo write-up.

Let me be VERY upfront, I am NOT a stereo guy, none of this would have been possible if it had not been from input by several members here and on R3vlimited (Micah, Marshall, Stereoinstaller, Andrew,

The goal, completely hidden, ipod controlled stereo setup that retains a Becker head unit.

The speaker, wiring, and amp specifics is on the wiring diagram, if someone wants it (a lot larger and legible file) please email me.


...were mostly from Jo-Anns (my wife loves pointing that out to me everytime she gets in the car).

-marine-grade black vinyl which surprisingly matched the original vinyl perfectly. (for front console and front speaker panels)

-open-cell foam (for rear speaker shelf)

-Headliner foam (for front speaker insolation)

-speaker cloth (for rear speaker shelf and front speakers)

-black micro-suede (for center ash tray)

-dynamatt (for rear speaker shelf)

-wood (for amp shelf and rear speaker shelf)

-interior carpet (for amp shelf)



Re-wrapped in vinyl, on the center ash tray I used a dremel to whittle away at the retention clip to allow clearance for the ipod. Wrapped the inside with micro-suede/


Made a hole in the backside for the ipod connector.


Enlarged the stereo opening for becker and made backside support arm (ran a new cheap speaker for the becker).


Finished off with this beautiful hand-made shift knob by David (I think it’s proportioned perfectly to the car, not diminutive like the alpina knob).

(http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,379457/ )



Driver’s side, I used the stock under dash panel, (Thanks to Ken Blasko). Cut out speaker hole wrapped it in vinyl, insolated the backside and stretched over some speaker cloth.



Passenger’s side, made new panel as the stock piece was warped to badly. Repeated same steps as driver’s side.






Basically copied what Marshall did, new rear panel attached speakers. Layered the dynamat, foam and speaker cloth. Micah gave me the idea to use bang matts for the rear speakers to sit in. The bang matts help to seal the rear panel keeping out fumes, plus you can’t see the ugly speakers jutting into your trunk.




I made a little wood shelf that fit in nicely (covered in carpet), mounted the amp and signal booster to it. Drilled a couple of wire access holes and was set!


Wired everything up according to the diagram…..


The volume control knob is the old choke-cable knob on the steering column. Welded a piece of the old threaded cable end to the JL-supplied supplied adjuster, and wah-lah!


The interior looks better than it has in a long long time, now it sounds better too!


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Sorry for the lack of updates, finally getting back to the engine. Decided to say screw it, I'm going with a stroker 2.9 setup.

-Working on Ignition setup (ignition only MS running a GM DIS wasted spark setup)

-Working on Fuel setup (thinking some fancy brazed cunifer hardlines would be neat)

-Working on Oil setup (remote filter and cooler)


Got the sidedrafts now though!


Broke out the Dycum to start porting the cylinder head.




Love me some new tools too!


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Well, I've still been hoarding more and more parts.  Still not moving very fast.

FPorro was nice enough to bring these Racing Dynamics headers for me! They tuck up nice and tight. Now off for some ceramic coating.


While digging through the stash at work, I came across this new block. Still had the BMW tag on it.  Should make for a good starting point, was certainly a nice little surprise.


Am starting to play around with some new possible piston designs.  Starting with a fresh combustion chamber casting.

Letting it set.

Popped out.

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Pistons are now done and ready to go ....










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Gorgeous. So excited about this build. Keep up the good work!

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Whats the CR on those pistons?


9.75:1 which gives me a wide tuning birth when limited to the 91 octane swill.  I could go a tad higher, but the trade off of 1-3 hp isn't worth the narrower tuning window.

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The reason I ask is a friend is planning a similar build for his m20. I have passed on your build thread onto him.

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Well not a lot has been going on with the car.  My wife and I are expecting our second little meat brick to pop out sometime this next week!


Finishing up my second semester of TIG classes, they make for a great break from some of the math classes.  Now I just need an excuse to make something for the '02. Maybe a vented catch can or something.




Also, I am now confident enough to start listing cunifer hardline kits.  They won't be going on the IE website unless I can convince Jeff otherwise..... this'll be just a side project to generate some "wife-approved" funding for the car.






And lastly, there was a separate thread on this mock-up but I figure one photo for the project blog should be included.



Edited by AceAndrew

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fantastic thread....raised my spirits..



great looking mock up...


seems like the headers were a great purchase...fporro did a good job.


very cool Andrew..


man I got to taKE WELDING CLASSES.....WOW



Edited by jrkoupe

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This has to be one of the best, and most detailed swap/build threads i've EVER seen.


Hat is off to you, sir. Keep up the amazing work. Eager to see more updates! 

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