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starting issues after sitting awhile


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Hi All --

recently I've had my 02 sit twice for about three weeks before starting it up; and both times it wouldn't start for a good two minutes or so; clearly it wasn't getting gas. I assume that the long wait caused the gas in the line to evaporate, but shouldn't the fuel pump deliver gas well before 2 minutes?

I have one of those see-through gas filters and it's basically empty early on.

Is my fuel pump dying? Is there a way to check this? Where IS my fuel pump anyway? On my old maverick it was on the side of the engine block and was mechanically run off the cam shaft. Is it the same with this or is it electrical?

Why does it seem to work ok after I get things started?

Any ideas or thoughts are always appreciated...

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What is probably happening is the fuel in the carb float bowl is evaporating. Then, the pump must refill the bowl before the car will start.

The pump is located just forward of the carb on the top of the head, on the passenger side. Will have a hose coming into it and one coming out leading to the carb, assuming someone has not converted the car to elec. fuel pump at some point.

You can check the fuel pump function by disconnecting the fuel line at the carb, hold the hose in a catch-can, and have someone turn over the engine. Fuel will come out if the pump is OK.

(The fuel pumps in our cars are pretty long-lived. We just replaced the one on my wife's '76 and it said it was made in West Germany, which probably indicates it was the original pump on the car).

Bob Napier

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Thanks Bob --

I'll give that a shot tomorrow morning and see if anything comes out...

When I first got the car about 5 years ago I remember replacing some fuel line and the line said "Made in West Germany" too... and there really wasn't anything really wrong with it.That's some primo rubber...

Having spent my baby years as an Army Brat in West Germany, I always get a jolt when I see that written somewhere. My niece (born three years after the fall of the wall) simply doesn't understand the concept of "East" and "West" Germany. It's so foreign to her it's like I'm talking about ancient Rome.

Richard Huffman

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