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thanks for your support, if not 02, then What ?

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York I understand what you are after but do not understand your narrow minded approach to getting it. Fact is, like EVERYONE has seemed to tell you is the car you are after probably does not exist or comes about so rarely that you are not in the circle of people that really own this level car. I have several friends that collect european cars etc, that have values well over 700k for some. Even these cars are restored by somebody to get them to this level. My feeling is you are blowing smoke and don't have the bankroll to actaully do a project like this. Otherwise you would.

You also need to understand that even when you replace old OEM parts on a car with new OEM parts the parts are not the same. Manufacturing has changed and often new OEM parts lack the quality of old OEM stuff. My recommendation is buy a newer BMW, restore yourself a mid 90's KIA

And thats for bashing on Andy, who happens to be an automotive journalist for a living

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It seems that most of the posts on 2002faq are from guys who

only own a 2002 because they can not afford another BMW

I want a 2002 because I love them. As I WAIT FOR THE RIGHT CAR

I may buy a 330i or m3 to drive and buy the 2002 when it shows up.

This site was built by a guy who works on his own car, FOR the guy who works on his own car. So maybe you just need to find another place to hang out. One that caters to a gent like yourself. A man who is past the DIY stage in his life and just prefers to write a check. Because even the most impeccably restored cars here, were at least assembled by the owners. The most recent example being Pat, at the 2010 [email protected] Brilliant entry. And the fact of the matter is, once you have connected with a 2002 on this level, you wouldn't sell if for 100K.



Your statement above is brash and inconsiderate. I could feel the collective "well fuck you pal" when I read it originally. Myself, I wasn't even going to read the thread again! I clicked "stop watching".. but alas, the window was still open and I refreshed to see how bad you got flamed..

The point is, you bit the proverbial hand, and you should explain yourself, or leave. Hemmings, Roundel, Select Classics, all seem to be better choices for a man of your stature and place, and that's fine. Just don't forget where you came from, and be insulting to those of us who prefer this culture to the alternative.

Peace out.

And for as the rest of you...


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Nope, wrong color, wrong wheels, too far, I'm on my period, yada yada yada . He needs to just go buy a Precius

You forgot 'Not expensive enough'

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