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Which header to get?

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I'm debating which exhaust header i should get for my car.

Here's the brief specs of my engine:

Rebuilt E12 head with 292 regrind cam. Head has ~9Kmi on it.

Rebuilt bottom end with fresh bearings and stock 8.5:1 Pistons. Bottom end has ~20K on it.

I have dual 40 SK carbs.

Currently i have an exhaust header that is not stock, that came off of an E30 318i I believe. The tubing measures 1 1/4".

My car is a street car, and my DD, but i enjoy "spirited driving" and i want to get the most out of my engine. I don't plan to track it any time soon.

The 4 Choices i'm torn between are the header from 02Again, The Shorty Header from IE, The Street step header from IE (which measures 1 1/2"-1 5/8"), or the Race Step header from IE (which measures 1 5/8"-1 3/4").

Money is not that much of an issue, as long as it's not too outrageous (more than $400).

I'm wondering what you guys run or would suggest? Or if you know of any other/better options out there, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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I have the Ireland Step header...love it....The smaller one is the one you want. The big one will rob low end from your car and you are not revving high enough to take advantage of the extra exhaust volume. Thats really for a race car at high RPMs. The 02 Again header is nice, maybe not as flowing as the Ireland, but will probably give you a tad more torque. Others may know better but it looks like a free-er flowing Tii manifold. I'd say its in between the Ireland Step and the Tii.

1976 BMW 2002 Fjord Blue Ireland Stage II • Bilstein Sports • Ireland Headers • Weber 38 • 292 Cam • 9.5:1 Pistons • 123Tune Bluetooth 15" BBS

2018 BMW M550i X-Drive

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I just fitted the Ireland NEW street stepped header , brilliant , easy fit close to the 4 speed & tucked up in the stock location, very impressed. I'm getting full use out of my twin 40DHLA's now .

1970 4 speed 2002 (Daily driver/track car ) 
1974  Hybrid powered twin cam engine, Pig Cheeks , ( now a round tail.) Getting ready to Sell 

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The new one I got they said will not fit with a 5 speed , it comes in the stock location.I don't plan on a 5 speed staying old school :)

1970 4 speed 2002 (Daily driver/track car ) 
1974  Hybrid powered twin cam engine, Pig Cheeks , ( now a round tail.) Getting ready to Sell 

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Will the shorty header fit with a 5 speed? Any idea as to exhaust note vs tii manifold?

The shorty connects to either your stock down pipe, or IE's stainless piece. Theirs is based on the 2002 automatic down pipe, which is what you need for a 5 speed conversion.

I have a shorty header and the IE down pipe, and its a bit louder under the hood vs. a stock cast iron manifold, as any header would be due to the thinner wall of the tubing.

The note out back would only be changed slightly, if at all.

Here is a vid of an equal length header on a stock exhaust system.. Stock Tii motor.


2002 newbie, and dead serious about it.
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I run a Stahl. Fit's nice, I "think" it fits with a 5 speed but not sure, and it gives a good deal of flow without robbing bottom end torque. Plus they can usually be had for $100 bucks w/o a problem.

'76 2002 in Malaga (110k Original, 2nd Owner, sat for 20 years and now a toy)
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'74 Suzuki TS185, '68 BSA A65 Lightning (garage find), '74 BMW R90S US Spec #2

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