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New member, long time owner: saying hi and asking some Qs


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Hi All! My name is David and I am new to the site. I have owned my '69 1600 (or 1602 or whatever it is) since about 1993. My dad gave to me to drive in High School, and he owned it since 1977 or so when he bought it as our "Family Car". It has been in various pieces since I pulled the head off of it in 1999 or so due to head gasket (or worse). After storage damage, vandalism, etc; I am getting ready to get it running again.

I intend to use this site to research and get to know the car again, as well as source parts and get ideas on things I should do to her. I appreciate eveyone's input in advance!

The couple questions I have are below. Any answers or direction on where to find more information is appreciated.

-What are all of these eXX and mXX codes that I see referenced on here? I assume they refer to different vintages of parts, but what are the specifics?

-Where can I get more information about compatability of parts? I seem to remember that many different years will work in the 1600/2002, but I don't want to make my life difficult by buying something that won't work!

-Anybody in San Luis Obispo want to sit down and chat about my project? Let me know!

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To make things more confusing:

F-codes are alle newer BMW chassis codes (beginning with the F01 for the latest 7 series)

You can look up parts here: http://de.bmwfans.info/parts/catalog/ and on the bottom there's a panel where you can click to see on what cars the parts have been used originally. This doesn't mean it won't fit on another car too (i.e. a tii engine clearly fits perfectly into a 1602 chassis)

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We're just like AA here, except we encourage you to indulge in your addiction.

What Jim said about the codes: +1. The body code for the 02s is E114 (yes, I know it's out of sequence).

A good place to research parts in general is www.realoem.com.

Generally speaking, a lot of the E21 parts (that's the 1977-1982 320i) can be made to fit 2002s. I use a 320i radiator, for example. But there are thousands of retrofitting ideas out there; check the faq on this site for some of the common ones; if you can't find what you want to do there, then ask. Like I said before, we're just like AA, except...

David Roach

Molly (Inka 1973 2002)

Bobby (Sapphire 2004 330xi - the new kid)

Root Boy (White 2002 Tacoma)

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here from asking questions to searching the archives. As has been stated, Rob Torres in SLO has a shop that specializes in 02s--repairs, new parts, used parts, conversion kits (like for 5 speeds) etc.

Don't be shy about asking questions either. We're a well behaved group that won't pick on new members...

cheers from OhiO


'69 Nevada sunroof-Wolfgang-bought new
'73 Sahara sunroof-Ludwig-since '78
'91 Brillantrot 318is sunroof-Georg Friederich 
Fiat Topolini (Benito & Luigi), Renault 4CVs (Anatole, Lucky Pierre, Brigette) & Kermit, the Bugeye Sprite

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Being a 1969 1602, there are some things to be aware of. I'm no expert on time lines and change over dates for mechanicals, 69/70 brought about quite a few hidden changes. But for simplicity, most any of the mechanical 2002 parts through '76 will fit your car.

Your car may have different axles in the rear, with a universal joint on the inside (near the differential) and a CV joint near the wheel. Around that time, the change was made to have 2 CV joints. But the odds of those needing attention are slim anyway.

Your brakes may be single line to the front calipers, so the dual line calipers and corresponding master cylinders wouldn't fly.

Also, your clutch linkage should be mechanical, rather than hydraulic. Which makes the addition of a 5 speed more intensive.

But other than these three major differences, you can use just about any year 2002 part up to 1976. Motors, 4 speed transmissions, differentials, suspension parts, bushings, etc.

There are generational changes made to the interior and exterior from '70 on.

Interior: 3 piece dash as you have, 2 piece, and then 1 piece for '74-'76 cars (square tail light).

Seats have subtle cosmetic changes up to 73. 74-76 are once again more obvious with the change in seat material. (no basket weave vinyl)

Exterior: You should have the slim front turn signals vs. the bulbous DOT version. Your grills should be silver, vs. the black and silver of the later cars. You should have a short sided rear bumper with no rubber strip running from end to end. And a front with no rubber strip on the wings. Just solid chrome, other than on the overriders.

Many others can and probably will add to this list. But hey, WELCOME!!

2002 newbie, and dead serious about it.
Smart Audio Products for your 2002


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-Anybody in San Luis Obispo want to sit down and chat about my project? Let me know!

contact 2002haus (www.2020haus.com) at St. Luis Obisbo, Rob Torres will take good care of you.

+1 on getting to know Rob Torres in San Luis Obispo, owner of 2002 Haus http://2002haus.com/ on the south end of town off of Broad St.... He is the man in your part of the world.


Tom Jones

BMW wrench for 30 years, BMWCCA since 1984 at age 9
66 BMW16oo stored, 67 1600-2 lifelong project, 2 more 67-8 1600s, 86 528e 5sp 586k, 91 318i
Mom&Dad's, 65 1800TiSA, 70 2800, 72 2002Tii 2760007 orig owners, 15 Z4 N20

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Thanks for all of the responses. I am familiar with the 2002Haus and will support the business as much as possible.

It is good to hear what people have to say about the configuration of the 1602. I have a 72 parts car, and through the years have upgraded some of the items. I don't remember all that has been swapped, so it will be helpful to know what originally came on my car.

I look forward to many more discussions about this project.


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N codes are bmw diesel engine

This isn't strictly true. The N52 is a naturally aspirated gas engine (seen in Z4 3.0si), and the N54 is a turbocharged gas engine (seen in 335i).

I was thinking the same thing... some of the modern turbocharged engines have a N code: N54, N55, and N63. Pictures?

'73 2002 (Agave) - Horst

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Well, let's hope it goes in the direction of getting this 02 back on the road! I have dragged my feet long enough, and I know my pops will enjoy the space in his shop once it and all of its spares are gone. I am hoping this project will bring he and I together on a level that we haven't been on for a while. So I am motivated. We will kick it off on Fathers day weekend!

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