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205/60/13 race tires on 5.5" rims?

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I'm vintage racing a 2002 and have been running 185/60/13 Toyo RA1's on 5.5" wheels. I want to increase tire size to 205/60/13 but as the rim width specified is a range from 5.5" to 7" am wondering if it is wise to risk the minimum on a race or track car application. Has anyone had experience running 205/60/13 race tires on a 5.5" rim? Your advice would be appreciated.

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Guest Anonymous

I would talk to a tire "expert", I think it can be done but I don't believe that is the optimal size rim for that size tire. Once upon a time I had a set of 6x13 and 6.5 x 13 ALPINA's (one piece) ran 205/60-13 Pirelli P6's on them, worked quite nicely. Lots of quality tire folks, however one of the best in my opinion is Roger Kraus Racing (San Leandro, CA). They supply a lot of the major race events here on the west coast, but also do street tires and suspension as well. Google their name and give them a call, they will give you good information (and free as well, free is always good). Good luck.


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It'll work, albeit not optimum.

It is not inherently unsafe or anything, it just kinda pinches the tire a bit.

I used to run 205/60s A008s on 13x5s for practice days & street driving, it worked fine.

That said, if you CAN run a 7" wheel, GET SOME. Wider wheels are almost always better. I ran 13x7s for a long time, with 225/50-13 Hoosiers or 215/50-13 R1s; when I switched to 13x9s, the car _instantly_ went considerably faster (same tires, took them off the 7s, put them on the 9s, bam, instantly faster - ~1s/lap? Forget, but it was significant).

A 205 on a 5.5" wheel will work, although it might not be any faster than a 185 on a 5.5.

205 on a 7? Faster. Absolutely.


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Yes, you can do it.

I found that you really wanted a LOT of camber to make it work

(-5 degrees or so).

I raced on 6" rims for years.

Then when I went to 7 with the same size tires, I dropped back to

about -3.5 degrees, braking got better, and lap times went down.

If you can find 13x7, I completely agree, that'll work better.

But if you have to use 5.5's, you can set the car up to work pretty well.

Tire wear will be less optimum...


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I'm running some 205/60's on early factory alloys....while I love the look the "feel" is less than optimum IMO.....way too soft mushy feeling....just too much tire for narrow rims...I'd say go at least 6" rim width.

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