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318 injections system on non-stock M10, or MS?


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I already have all the necessary injection system off a 318 M10 but my current motor is setup with a 282 cam and 9:1 pistons. Was wondering if the l-jetronic system would work or if I would have to go the megasquirt route.

I am thinking it will be worth it to invest in the MS, but wanted to hear opinions if anyone had done something similar. Searching the forum didn't come up with anything based on my engine specs.

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FYI, I have installed stock 318i system on my tii with hi comp pistons and hot cam, it works fine, just like the Kugel Fisher but more reliable and adds a little more juice. Others may disagree. I don;t see the need for MS system unless you want to be able to tune it for more performance.

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I agree. I like my ms3x, but it's mostly good for those who want to tweak settings. the 318i computer is older, less efficient, but reliable and free of any settings.

I would only consider Megasquirt if you are interested in some of the additions to fuel injection technology. Wideband o2 sensors are a big step forward. Spark advance and coil per cylinder is nice. Not having an airflow meter is also a nice benefit.

Also it's important to note that l-jetronic only manages fuel. The motronic system was the first time Bosch incorporated spark advance and control into the ECU.

1968 BMW 1600 US VIN 1560713

manufactured on October 2nd, 1967


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