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Yep, Another Crane Install Question


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dont any of you people get installation

instructions ?, or read them ?

throw the condenser into the neighbors pool



......but keep all the old parts for when the electronic

stuff fails some dark snowy night and yer cell phone


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Better yet, toss the crane. It's not worth the trouble.

The Crane is a great system! Miles ahead of the Pertronix.

Have you ever used one?

Install it properly and it's set and forget. I have used 3 in my time, one for more than 100k mi. None of them ever failed. Most failures are linked to other weak spots in the system such as voltage regulator, alternator or battery.

You need to understand it and be sure your elctrical system is in top shape (which it really should be anyway).

Points are 100 y.o. technology that worked great, but were maintenance intensive... and they too can fail.

Pertronix Hall Effect ignitor is '80's technology, good. But since it is installed on older cars, these often already have, or soon will have, worn distributors which allow the shaft to wobble, thereby allowing a variable air gap. This can lead to poor running even in a single cylinder. This is often misdiagnosed as something wrong with the engine when in fact, the pertronix is to blame.

Optical triggers such as the Crane are immune to this issue.


1976 BMW 2002

1990 BMW 325is (newest addition)

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