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Roundie Front Bumper Mount Study- Old VS New - with question


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Roundie Front Bumper Mount Study- Old VS New - with questions

I have a 68 1600 that's in parts and ready for reassembly. Along the way, I've collected a 68 2002 parts car and a single example of the newer euro bumper mount.

Because the 4 mounts that I have are all distorted in different ways, I wanted to see if the new mount could be used.

The newer mount is a replacement part from Mobile Traditions, with the P/N 51111815493. On page 51/2 it shows up as the left bumper mount, along with a matching right side mount. These are apparently still available:

13 BAR LEFT 1 04/1971-07/1977 51111815493

13 BAR RIGHT 1 04/1971-07/1977 51111815494

My 1600 from 68 uses two of the same part (NLA):

15 BOW 2 03/1966 03/1971 51115470020

Besides having a different shape in general (the older version has more rounded bends), the newer part sticks out about 12 mm more than the older part based on my guess of the average dimensions of my 4 sad examples. It also has a vertical offset of about 17.5 mm (half the width of the mount's material) which makes the bumper sit LOWER when this mount is used.

I haven't located the box with my older front bumper ends, so here's a question- do the older ends have mounts which are higher where they meet the fender at the sides, or are the mounting holes in the fenders at a different height?




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Sorry, All that I know is above. I'd be happy to compare a triangular part but don't have one. I'm assuming it's for the roundie bumper since square bumpers have those round shock cylinders instead of these feeble metal bits.

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I don't have any pre-73 brackets left for comparison, but when I was setting things up for my bumper conversion, they laid out the same on the bends that attach to the bumper. Mike Self has a 73 with the 2.5MPH brackets, I'll bet he will ring in and confirm.

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i had the sturdy triangular brackets on my '71 bumpers and it was fine. just be careful when you put them in since theyre about twice as thick as the others, dont bend the sheet metal. Also, i don't think they fit through the small rubber pieces that the others go through.

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differently shaped (in the form of a Y) bracket in front that actually extended the bumper out an inch or so further than the 68-72 brackets.

As Jason stated, they were part of the 2.5 mph bumper requirement in 1973, which became 5 mph (and the aluminum shelf bumpers) in 74-76. The '73 brackets also bolt through the frame rails rather than using carriage bolts to fasten into slots in the rails.

And the rear bumper brackets were unique to the 73s also.



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The new one in your photo is like what I have on the 72. It has those angled bends and is not very strong either.

A radiator shop is a good place to take a leak.


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