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oil tube o-rings


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wow - there are BMW dealers all over America - order from one just down the road from you - really

CD, altought it is true there is BMW dealer all over america, MOST of them are pure morons. They will gladly sell you a new car at premium prices, but just a o-ring ?? YEAH RIGHT !!

Its not the same reality for everyone

1-they dont have it in stock

2-they wont know what a 02 is

3-if the EVER understand what you want, they will charge you up 200% profit margin (if nto more, think if it...5$ for a 0,50$ o-ring ?)

4-they wont tell you they actualy order it from Germany so it will take like 3 week to get it (minimum).

all this for a 1$ o-ring...

2006 530xi, 1974 2002 Automatic summer DD
1985 XR4TI, 22psi ±300hp
1986 yota pick-up, 2006 Smart FT diesel

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Well, no harm in experimenting with the local dealer....

If #20 is the O-ring you desire, the part number is "11 41 1 250 421" and current suggested list price is $1.11 so armed with that try your local dealer parts counter. Tell them no such thing of year/make/model, just the part number and once they find the part tell them you know the list price is $1.11.

They are not all out to gouge you.

If you do try the local dealer, let us know how it went, who and at which one!

Tom Jones

BMW wrench for 30 years, BMWCCA since 1984 at age 9
66 BMW16oo stored, 67 1600-2 lifelong project, 2 more 67-8 1600s, 86 528e 5sp 586k, 91 318i
Mom&Dad's, 65 1800TiSA, 70 2800, 72 2002Tii 2760007 orig owners, 15 Z4 N20

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Do yourself a HUGE favor. Mount the tube to the block FIRST, then you can tap and bend as needed to fit into the pump. I made the mistake of installing the pump, then putting the tube into it and then bolting to the block. Well guess what..if that tube is not mounted squarely to the block the oring will push out on the top and you wil have crap poil pressure due to it leaking. just learn from my mistake. remember to mount that tube w/oring in it to the block first. Make sure it is sitting nice and flat all the way around

I'm not as dumb as I look

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