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Massive - Aluminum race gaz pedal on hinge, w/ bearing

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When and how do we pay for it?

I shall receive the gaz pedals near the end of the week. I will post pictures and will let a few days for people to send a Paypal. At that point we will know if some people have changed their mind and if there are any units left for grab.

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Just got this in the mail this morning. Here's what 100 bearings look like. With the bearings already received, the most impredictable part of the puzzle is secured. Therefore, shipping by Friday still remains my target.

And with 80 remaining bearings, I can make 80 more footrests later. The first batch is a prototype. The second batch will use the same general specs, but more involved in term of machining and surface finishing, and more expensive. ;-)

Payments are not yet required to keep your spot. But I have already received a couple from people leaving for the weekend, therefore I will update the payment list below. "Officially" no payment is needed before Friday. ;-)

Paypal is [email protected]

Canadian currency only please

Intro price $55.00cad + $22.00 shipping ($24.00 shipping for two items)

1. Bob B - Paid & shipped

2. Bob B - Paid& shipped

3. kbmb02 - Paid& shipped

4. kbmb02 - Paid& shipped

5. Mike B - Paid& shipped

6. Phil (uxoman) - Paid& shipped

7. zinertia - gaz pedal and footrest combo $140.00+$20.00 shipping - Paid& shipped

8. mlytle - Paid& shipped

9. dscoff (Jonathan Gormick) - Paid& shipped

10. williamggruff - Paid& shipped

Regular price $75.00cad + $22 shipping ($24 shipping for 2 items) or $140.00cad + $24 shipping w/ footrest

11. Craaaaaaaaaazzzy - Paid& shipped

12. Mojojoy - Paid& shipped

13. Mojojoy - Paid& shipped

14. Lebowski - Paid& shipped

15. GD (Greg Donarum) - Paid& shipped

16. ifayeoh- frank Paid& shipped





Two members waiting in line for somebody to change his/her mind ;-)




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Hey what's going on here? I blink and a group buy is all wrapped up! You should give your prior customers a head's up before alerting the greedy faqers! ;-)

I'd like a black dead pedal (and a black loud pedal when available).



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Hi everyone.

I received plenty of payments over the past couple of days. Officially, today is the time to start sending your hard earned money as I can now present the first pictures of the pedals on the "assembly line".

Each pedal was slightly sanded to debur and brushed with a pad to get that smooth brushed texture, then buffed in water. All pedals will come pre-assembled.

I will update the list of paids units later this afternoon after assembly is done. I will star shipping this weekend.





New one vs original unit


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Ray (in line for the next batch!)

I am already on the next batch. There will be one updated part using a delrin hinge instead of the aluminum one. And guess what? I will offer to upgrade the units from the first batch to this new delrin bushing for the simple cost of mailing. So, whoever was on the first batch will get the free update.

The benefit will be an easier installation and even thighter fit. Let's remember that the part was initially designed for the racers. Now it will be street-smooth ;-)

Also, here's what the bearing looks like. It is a snug slide fit on the throttle rod. The thin bracket that was shown on the previous pictures must be folded at 90° angle and it goes around the throttle rod as gudie, it keeps the pedal from having free backward movement. I only had 20 units, so I couldn't take one and fold it as an exemple...




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Because half the bearing diameter is greater than the sum of half the original bushing diameter and the plate at the back of the original pedal, right?

I mean, if we considered not running a pedal, the accelerator rod could be pushed farther to the firewall if there were no bearing on it; the bearing would prevent the rod from hitting the firewall.

Or will the top of the original pedal hit the carpet/firewall before the pedal back/rod would, effectively being a stop?



Hi Lee,

Would that bearing reduce linkage travel a bit, possibly not allowing WOT?



Why do you say that?

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The stock throttle rod linkage is adjustable on the side of the pedal box. The rod and the lever are independent and allow tons of adjustments. If your previous set-up had the rod hit the pan, it was most likely not properly adjusted.

The aluminum pedal allows 80mm of bearing travel. If it is not enough, then there's something wrong with the linkage's adjustment. ;-)


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