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tobacco interior availability

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Is it just me - I don't get that chart - is it for European only cars?. Didn't the USA-bound Malaga cars only get the tobacco (brownish) interior (seats and door panels)?

Jim Gerock


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i'm assuming 0003 is tobacco. the "L" would probably be leather? so what it always available from 68-76?

AND how do u guys think it would look w/ a charmonix car with black seats and carpet? just looking at doing the door and side panels in tobacco.

Tobacco ended when the "74s cames out. Then you had Gobi Tan.

Not sure when Tobacco started as there was another similar colour for the early cars.


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I really like the tobacco, too, and will possibly be going that route in my resto... personally, I love the look of the seats and door panels in tobacco (obviously with the top rim in black) with the carpet in black. I had a porsche that had that look and it was absolutely stunning (a factory option). Let me know what you decide...

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Tobacco was mainly offered on early cars 1600's up thru '72....maybe '73 (but I can't be certain). I do not ever recall seeing a tobacco interior on a rect taillight '02.

Personally, I really like tobacco interior....too many cars have tan interior and that just looks "bland" to me. Black is my favorite, but I'd do tobacco on the right car.

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from 1968-sometime in late 71 or early 72 it was a mottled tan/brown; later 72s and all 73s had a slightly lighter color that wasn't mottled but all the same shade. Hard to tell apart unless you have 'em side by side. I only noticed it because I have a 69 and a 73 both with original tobacco interiors and they're different.

The color was discontinued at the end of roundie production. Only a much lighter tan was offered on squarelights.



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thanks guys. my car has tan panels right now which i don't really like. i like the tobacco cause it's darker and has the black on top which i think is a good color combination. leaning towards this color right now but i need to get the car back first and start saving up the funds for it.

I believe BMW actually used three browns on roundies (not the later square tail tan).

There was an early brown on the earliest 1600s that is darker and uniform in color. See these photos, which are from a 1967 1600.





Then there is tobacco, which has sort of a mottled tobacco leaf look. These are from a 1970 1600 (now owned by dogmuddybuddy). My 1973 2002 has this shade also. Both cars are unmolested as far as I know (I owned dogmuddybuddy's 1600 for a short period - nice original car!)


And then there was a solid brown which is very similar to tobacco but uniform in color. I think this might be it... I have no idea what years offered this, but I've definitely seen this shade often enough to assume it was factory.


1973 BMW 2002 Sahara

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thanks, definitely digging the mottled tobacco

It's my favorite look, too. In fact, before I bought my car, I started collecting tobacco interior parts in case I needed to convert one. I'm selling a set of rear panels and a set of recovered but really close to tobacco seats, if anyone is interested. The seats are stunning - nicest vinyl I've ever seen.

1973 BMW 2002 Sahara

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Do you still have the tobacco interior parts for sale?

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