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My Bay Area trip+02 swap and show pics


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Before this weekend the farthest I had ever driven my car was to Monterey, so I've been waiting a while to do this trip. Finally a weekend opened up for me and I was able to attend this show for the first time. We also got to do a little tour around the Bay Area, since I haven't been there for an extended period of time. I was amazed at how many BMWs are apart of the culture there, not just 02s. I don't think I've ever seen more older BMWs as just daily drivers for normal people. I also saw 4 02s in the wild!

On Sunday 5/22:

Dark Blue squaretail with early bumpers in SF. Really clean!

Red 1600 chop top on the main road on the Marina.

Blue roundie on our way back from Wildflour Bread in Sebastopol. Woman driving with what looked like a straw hat.

On Monday 5/23:

Sahara Roundie in a Rotten Robbie's station on highway 1 in Santa Cruz.

From Friday to Monday, the car drove 1200 miles. Besides losing power/running hot up big hills it ran very nicely all weekend! It even averaged 27 mpg on our last tank, when our average speed was 70 mph (gps verified).

Onto my pics!











my favorite car of the day














5 speed conversion really helped these numbers!! That's a moving average of 69.3 mph!


And if you want to see more pics of my entire weekend they're on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2011013988744.2115495.1045560509

Thanks to all who put the show on and made it what it was, maybe next year I'll win something in the raffle!


'68 Caribe 1600-1563167

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most excellent weekend!

now - back to ..... "From Friday to Monday, the

car drove 1200 miles. Besides losing power/running

hot up big hills it ran very nicely all weekend! "

how old is your radiator ?

thermostat ?

ignition timing ?

'86 R65 650cc #6128390 22,000m
'64 R27 250cc #383851 18,000m
'11 FORD Transit #T058971 28,000m "Truckette"
'13 500 ABARTH #DT600282 6,666m "TAZIO"

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Timing was just set last week. I discussed with Tom Jones and Jeff Goss at the show and we think my radiator should be recored.

I forgot to mention that my rear roundel was stolen off my car in Berkeley! Luckily we had another one in the garage.

'68 Caribe 1600-1563167

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When I first got my cab it would lose power going up hills. It turned out to be sediment in the fuel filter that would sink to the bottom and cut off fuel to the carb going up hills, but operate normally on flat ground or going down hill. Worth a try.

That Florida 1600 in your pictures is the bomb. Was that the car from Las Vegas on eBay awhile back? I kick myself for not bidding on that car.

All the best,


1970 BMW 1600 (Nevada)



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Guest Anonymous

I'll change the fuel filter then and see if that helps. Thanks mark! That Florida car is different than the eBay one. This one is owned by jeff goss and is perhaps the most original DRIVEN 1600 in existence. All stock to original specification.

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