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A/C info and setup wanted


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I have read recent discussions regarding adding A/C and there was some good information. Does anyone know of a good summary of the current state of components available for adding an original type A/C? Or is there someone who performs a number of these surgeries (adding A/C to a 2002) and is the guru on this subject?

I saw in the Forum that someone recently sold a complete Clardy setup and I would be looking for something like that for myself.


Steve Gaddy


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There are several board members that can guide you with this. One that comes to mind is Earl Myers.

I have a NOS Clardy system that I am planning to install. If you end up getting parts for one, I can provide you with a complete set of install and users manual for your use.

Robert in NJ
73 2002 (Verona)

72 2002tii (Verona)

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Your best bet is to get a used center console. Behr, Clardy, FrigiKing are the 3 you will see sold used. There are 2 variations of the FrigiKing, one has the radio down low, the other has it up at the top. Center console will have evaporator coil, blower, expansion valve, wiring with a T-stat control & Fan speed control. About $50 & up used on this forum.

You also need a compressor mount bracket & compressor & lines. You can find good used compressor brackets, but most are for york compressors (square shaped), and what you really want is one for a rotary compressor. A member on here sells a copy of the rotary type for about $ 100. An adapter for rotary's to be installed onto york brackets can be had for about $50, but most york brackets go in front of the water pump, so if you ever have to change a water pump, you have to unbolt the whole bracket & let your compressor hang, a PITA.

For the compressor, buy a new Sanden 508 or similar model, about $200 new. For the lines, buy new. 40 year old rubber lines aren't worth installing for long term. Find an auto AC place local to you if possible, or online. You want crimped on fittings on the new lines.

I think I spent maybe $ 70 or less for new lines, but that was 5 years ago & I got em at a good price.

The condensor up in front of the radiator can be a good used one, but your best bet is a new parallel flow type (about $100). They don't make em small enough to fit, but you can make them fit by cutting a little metal behind the grill.

You also need a new receiver/dryer, 2 types you can get either has screw on fittings for the lines or else has barb's & hose clamps. Screw on fittings is preferred. About $ 20 to $ 30 new.

Then if you can take photos of another car's installed AC, you can see where to run lines etc... You need an experienced AC shop to pull a vacuum Test for leaks & charge it with refrigerant. R-12 is best, if you can afford it, you can still find it. I like freeze 12, as it's easily found at online auction sites. R134 is not as good for our cars IMO.

Also install a fan in front of the condensor up front, not required, but helps in stop & go traffic or sitting still for long periods. You need a compressor relay under the hood too, $10, or get it with used system.

2002 owner since 1980

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.... I can provide you with a complete set of install and users manual for your use.

Robert, my 02 came with a partial Clardy, it is missing the compressor/bracket, drier and hoses, but all the interior stuff is there (including the cut hoses), and the condenser (also with cut hoses) with electric fan and relay is also present behind the grille. I would love to have the install/user manual as well if you would be so kind. The A/C is going to be the last part of my rebuild, being in SoCal, I know my wife will not go near the 02 without A/C in the hot months. Please let me know if you can send me a copy.

Cheers, Edward.

76 BMW 2002 Arktisblau M42 5 spd - Born 5.21.76 - daily money pit * 06 Aston Martin V8 Vantage 6 spd * 73 Mustang Convertible 351C * 11 Aston Martin Rapide V12 * 15 VW Touareg * 23 Audi e-tron SUV (wife's)


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