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Front sway bar fitting question

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Have a nice shiny new blue 22mm front swaybar (conventional mount) with urethane mounts. Does anyone have experience with whether the urethane mounts will fit in the factory sway bar mounting brackets (the ones that clip into holes in the crossmember at one end, and are bolted in place at the other.

I remember having a bit of trouble bolting the bracket down over the bushing when I installed the current 19mm bar--it was a tight squeeze. Will I need (or are there) oversized brackets? O just use longer bolts?



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They should fit. At least I don't know where you would find bigger mounts that would fit and actually there's no more room to mount them. If it's tight (and it probably is) use longer bolts first and then change to shorter one by one - that's what you meant, right?


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It's usually a go/no go situation.

Go- Hey, I got them in!

No go- Hey, the old mount just sheared off!

On 02's it has been a case of not being able to squeeze the clamp over the bar. On my E30 M3, the front bar mounting tab just sheared off.

Steve J

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Mike, I installed an OEM 19MM bar in the front and had a helluva time getting the mounts on. It may be that if you get longer bolts and adjust the angle of that end of the bracket slightly, you may be able to use the factory brackets. The swaybar manufacturer has no advice on this?

Chris B.

'73 ex-Malaga

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I have a 22mm bar on the front of the Orange Car and put urethane bushings on it last year. I used bushings from Ireland Engineering, which worked just fine in the stock mounting brackets. They were a tight fit, but they did work without incident.


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Sometimes I have to shave/grind some off the flat part of the D to get the clamps bolted in. Another trick is to use slightly longer bolts. Also, once the pivot bushings are bolted in place be sure the bar swings smoothly w/o any binding.

At the shop... we like to try and get the customer to let us have the brightly colored parts re powder coated in the proper semi flat black. :)


Tom Jones

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My ST's were a real squeeze- Tommy's right on about using longer bolts

to get them started- but they bolted in.

Depending on how your car has lived its life, getting it to clear the

sheet metal might be kind of cosy, too- I had to coax the lower

lip of the front valence out on mine.


"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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