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Can I tow my project car using a Tow Bar?

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Hey All,

So i have a '75 2002 that I'm working on. The car isn't running, and i need to get it to a shop. I've looked into renting a trailer, but someone suggested I just buy a Tow Bar and use that, so I can have it for future use. I found this one on Amazon...


Does anyone know if I would be able to use this with my 2002? And even if I can use it, SHOULD I? Seems like it might not be the best way to transport or a car.... I have taken off the front bumper, so I'm not sure how/where I would even attach it to the body. Would I need to re-attach the front bumper to even use this tow bar? Any thoughts/comments are welcome. Thanks!

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It will cost you between $50 and $75 to rent either a trailer or a dolly from Uhaul to move your car. If you plan on driving the thing, why would you want to invest in a tow bar anyways?

J Swift
Global Formula Racing (Oregon State University)

1972 Opel GT "Mae"

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That might be OK for low speed and short distances,

but... ewww....

Now, an 86 Land Cruiser on a tow dolly behind the Mitsu... well, that was like

Russian Roulette with more than one bullet!


"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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i don't even get how that thing works. I mean, where does it go on the car your towing? How do you assure its running in a straight line and doesn't steer aroung behind you car. And what happens when you wo in a tight corner? Drag the front tires brutally around coz they don't steer?

Sorry, never seen such a thing before.

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I did that once log ago 1975 nope do not do it! ruined the bumper on the Tii Touring ...

a case of beer and some friends can help u load it on the dolly or the trailer Please .Oh FYI you do not have drop the drive shaft if you are going less than 1200 miles SD (South Dakota) to TX been there done that no ill effects. Load the car back wheels down on the dolly always . On I80 a large truck passed me at about 95 mph and the next thing I knew I was in a 4 wheel drift 02 and a 3/4 chevy Pickup. I had visions of rolling at lest the 02 and having to come back to Nebraska and stripping the car. We stopped sliding sideways the dust settled and I drove to the next off ramp and reloaded her back wheels down .

Happy Trails


3421912 ask john

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They are used all the time by cheapo rental car agencies to retrieve the cars. You attach it to the front of the towed vehicle. Tie off the steering wheel straight so it doesn't steer itself. The towed car becomes a 4 wheel trailer.

These things are ok for short trips if you are really careful about attachment. For a longer journey, rent a tow dolly or trailer. Or drive the thing. I drove my car to the paint shop like this. No windows, no bumpers, no brake lights! It was so cold I had to wear a helmet to keep my eyes from watering.

Trust me, if you come up on someone in a stripped-out crapwagon with no glass while wearing a crash helmet, people WILL get out of your way!!



BMW Lotus Healey Miata x 2

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drive shaft if it's a stick shift car. I towed my '73 over 500 miles on a dolly last summer with no problems. You're not gonna tow any faster than you would drive the car, and both tranny and diff have oil in em, so no problem.



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